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New Opossum Crossing Sign artwork for function and fun

opossum crossing signEveryone has at one time or another had an encounter with an opossum. For this reason almost everyone could find the humor and also usefulness of an opossum crossing sign. Most people encounter an opossum in their backyard at night, others may be shocked or scared when they come upon a snarling but harmless opossum in a garage, shed or crawlspace. For others the meeting may take place while driving a car down a dark country lane or even in city settings. Whatever the situation the Opossum Crossing Sign can be used as a gift to commemorate that close encounter with the wild kind. For functional use the Opossum Crossing sign can actually warn visitors or unsuspecting travelers that they may be in the immediate vicinity of not only opossum but an opossum family. No one purposely wants to cause harm to an animal and hard as it to believe that also applies to peace loving live and let live opossum. Opossum are never chosen to be mascots for high schools, clubs, organizations or universities but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve and require love. The new Opossum crossing sign demonstrates the people at Animal World care and actually want to improve the Opossum warning by releasing new color artwork. Featuring an adult Opossum with 2 baby opossum the new Opossum Crossing sign is made of aluminum with bright yellow caution color on a standard diamond shape. Animal crossing signs are perfect for outdoor function warning and indoors decor humor, the new artwork for the Opossum Crossing Sign in full color provides wildlife realism and animal cautionary education.

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