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New Opossum Toy Miniature is realistic play fun

opossum toy miniatureThe new Opossum Toy Miniature is very realistic and features a mother opossum carrying several baby opossum on her back. As North Americans only marsupial the opossum should be admired and respected. Opossum give birth to their young similar to Kangaroos in that baby opossum are tiny and immediately seek protection and growth in their mother’s pouch. Only after significant growth will the baby opossum venture outside mother’s pouch onto their back. The opossum toy miniature captures this wonderful time in the development of opossum babies and their mother. For school education and projects the opossum toy miniature is perfect for dioramas or displays. In addition, teachers can provide hands on learning experiences with the opossum toy miniature unavailable with real wildlife. A common expression is “somebody must be playing possum” this originates with from real opossum fake death as an effective deterrent to predators. They even emanate a foul smell resembling death to ward off attackers. Opossum are often successful and later simply get up and walk away. Opossum are to many not very attractive but too many they are adorable and special. For Opossum enthusiasts the opossum toy miniature is a new opossum gifts store idea in addition to the opossum plush stuffed animals, crossing signs and puppets currently available. The new opossum toy miniature is best suited for the same purpose as all animal toy miniatures and that is simply imaginative, creative learning play fun.

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