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Owls featured in “Legend of Guardians” Movie

owl blanket throw tapestryComing soon to a theater near you is brand new movie featuring owls called Legend of the Guardians. Will this mean a windfall in children’s love, adoration and need for owl gift store items like owl blanket throw tapestry(pictured) plush stuffed animals, figurines, puppets, crossing signs, t shirts and keychains. Movies have a way of shaping America during the period of time before, during and after their release. Currently we are witnessing the period before the release of Legend of the Guardians. From the movie trailers being released for viewing Legends of the Guardians looks like a very intriguing, interesting movie where young owls eagerly listen to the wise owls who tell them about the Guardians. During the movie the owls go on a dangerous  journey in search of the Guardians. Families will love this movie and based on past animal adventure movie experience children will soon be looking for owl plush stuffed animals and toy miniatures with which to relive their Legend of the Guardians experience. The best long lasting benefit of animal themed movies like Legend of the Guardians is it provides long term appreciation, understanding and love for beautiful animals like owls.  Owls are rarely seen since they are predators of the twilight and darkness of night. For this reason most people know of but never see owls. Movies like Legend of the Guardians will allow people to see owls up close, as they fly, as they perch as they maneuver around other owls and whatever obstacles they encounter. Although the owls we will all see on the big silver screen are not real owls the movements are real and the look is amazingly realistic. People sometimes learn more from animals than they do from people and hopefully become better because of it. We all hope the Legend of the Guardians can teach us all after all owls are supposed to be experienced and wise. With Owl gift store items as a reminder of the movie everyone can search their own group elders for wise adage advise and experience that can make everyday situations easier to handle. As the saying goes, if you don’t study history you are doomed to repeat it, best to listen to the owl or in this case the Guardians. Animal World September Coupon Code

owl toy miniatureSeptember is back to school times for children across the USA. To celebrate this special time each year Animal World has selected as their Coupon Code for September “wise owl” since owls represent experience and wisdom. Many owl gifts store items are available to celebrate going back to school including owl plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, figurines, blanket, earrings, puppets, crossing sign, t shirts and keychains. With an owl gifts store collectible you have a constant reminder that brain is always better than brawn. Owls have always been given the character and position of wisdom from use in cartoons to the most recent movie “Legends of the Guardidan” coming out later this month featuring owls. Owls just naturally have a look of wisdom from their wide eyes, to their swiveling neck to the commanding pose they make at the top of a tree as they survey the area far below. Education is an ongoing need, so the owl is a good representative for all of us to continue to learn. For consumers smart enough to read this information use of the Animal World will be able to save 10% on any purchase during the month of September, that is smart.

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