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New Panda Earrings for wildlife fashion fun

panda earringsEveryone loves Pandas, those black and white teddy bear like animals that like to sit down and eat their own special brand of bamboo. With the new Panda Earrings any lady or young lady can help celebrate this exotic animal with fashion beautiful enough for dress or casual wear. Made in the USA the Panda earrings are first etched in recycled brass, then hand hammered using a special plannishing tool for subtle facets that catch the light. The Panda earrings are then gold plated with hand detailed black enamel and ear wires are 14K gold fill. Made proudly in America the Panda Bear earrings are made and packaged in an environmentally friendly manner. With their universal appeal any gold and black outfit could be enhanced with the gorgeous Panda Earrings but maximum impact would be achieved by anyone who is also panda wildlife enthusiast. Panda zoo to do fundraisers and events would be another excellent opportunity to sport the Panda Bear Earrings. Teachers often study certain animals or areas. Since the Panda is indigenous to certain parts of China the Panda Earrings would help with the bringing up the energy for classroom participation. Many books have also been written where Pandas are the main character. Therefore, during Panda story time the librarian or storyteller may wish to wear Panda Earrings to help bring the story to life. Schools and University sororities also often choose the Panda as their mascot To boost morale and esprit decor the Panda Bear Earrings can bring members together in a feeling of unity. The new Panda Earrings are lightweight, wear well and capture the love and beauty of this special part of our world of wildlife.

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