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New Panther Leopard Earrings Gold Jewelry are animal fashion fun

panther leopard earrings gold jewelryBig Cats like Panthers and Leopards hold a special interest because of their beautiful lines and wild nature. For wild cat lover fashion there are the new Panther Leopard Earrings Gold Jewelry which offer beauty for dress up or casual. Made in the USA the Panther Leopard earrings are made in an environmentally friendly manner from origin through packaging. First, the Panther Leopard Earrings Gold Jewelry are etched in recycled brass, then using a special plannishing tool they are hand hammered creating subtle facets that reflect the light as they adorn. The Panther Leopard earrings are then gold plated ear wires are 14K gold fill. For schools and universities that have adopted Panthers or Leopards as their mascot the Panther Leopard Earrings are the perfect way to show school support and increase morale. Groups like the band or cheerleaders could make the Panther Leopard earrings part of their uniform ensemble. The Panther Leopard Earrings because they are gold stay looking perfect as they did the first time they are put on and they are so lightweight they feel as if they are a part of you. Featuring a beautiful panther or leopard moving under overhanging branches the earrings are proudly made in America. Black Panthers are leopards or jaguars through evolution have lost their spots.

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