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Papillon T Shirts and Sweatshirts for dog lovers fashion fun

papillon sweatshirtPapillon dogs look in some ways similar to the butterfly from which the name derived. Papillons are part of the toy group which means their origin is as an indoor guard dog. Bred for their elegant look and utilized as an early warning device by the French the Papillon ability to bark often in itself help protect without confrontation. Today Papillons continue to be popular pets and there are even Papillon T Shirts and Papillon sweatshirts for dog lovers. Designed for Papillon dog lovers of any age they are printed in the USA on natural color 100% cotton. Papillon dog resues can utilize Papillon gifts t shirts and sweatshirts for volunteers, for fund raisers and for club esprit decor spirit. papillon t shirtFamilies sometimes like to dress the same. This is especially true for mothers and daughters or fathers and sons. The Papillon t shirt or sweatshirt is perfect for mother-daughter or father-son fashion fun. Personalization with the dog’s name brings personality to the Papillon gifts t shirt or sweatshirt. Dogs bring so much more to their owners life then they ever get in return, however, dog owners should their pride and enthusiasm for their breed in dog breed t shirt fashion. The Papillon t shirt and Papillon sweatshirt provide year round dog lover fashion fun.

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