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New Pekingese T Shirt and Pekingese Sweatshirt Released

Pekingese T Shirt USA

Pekingese dog lovers can now sport their favorite dog breed on the new Pekingese T Shirts and Pekingese Sweatshirts. Printed in the USA the new Pekingese T Shirt and Pekingese Sweatshirt are available online by animal and pet theme gift specialist Animal World. According to Mary at Animal “we print each Pekingese T Shirt or Pekingese Sweatshirt to order from the smallest child size to the largest adult size. This way our Pekingese T Shirts and Sweatshirts can be enjoyed by all members of the family. We can even custom print the dogs name on the Pekingese Shirt or Pekingese Sweatshirt for a personal touch.” Dating back as much as 2000 years the Pekingese was known for as the guard dog in the Chinese Imperial Castle. Featuring an adorable flat face and bulging eyes the Pekingese endears itself to families immediately with it’s friendly personality. With it’s bowed legs Pekingese are not as mobile as most dogs with more conventional straighter legs. It is believed the bowed legs were bred into the bred by the Chinese to keep the dogs within the confines of the palace and reduce possibility of wandering outside the palace. This same characteristic which made Pekingese a wonderful indoor door in history also makes it an ideal breed for dog lovers in apartments, houses with small yards or dog owners who themselves are not mobile. Fortunately today no one requires a Chinese palace in order to own a Pekingese. Today the Pekingese is virtually available to all dog lovers. With the new Pekingese T Shirt or  Pekingese Sweatshirt enjoying this wonderful breed can now be achieved in Pekingese dog lover fashion fun.

Pekingese Sweatshirt USA

Copy and Photos by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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