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Penguin Earrings and Brooch Pin Jewelry

penguin earrings gold jewelry french curveSummer is over and with it’s end comes the cool weather of Fall and cold weather of Winter. One of the best animals that represent cold weather of Winter is Penguins. To celebrate this totally uniquely animal which is totally adapted to it’s frigid world Animal World features a beautiful pair of Penguin Earrings Gold Jewelry. Made in the USA by Wild Bryde the Penguin Earrrings capture the classic upright look of Penguins along with their formal like dressed white shirt black coat dinner attire natural look. Designed in the French curve wire style the Penguin Earrings Gold Jewelry are ready for formal occasions but also offer fashion for casual wear. Likewise with the Christmas Holidays fast approaching Animal World also offers online a Penguin Brooch Pin Jewelry featuring a pyramid of 6 Penguins creating a Penguin Christmas Tree. penguin brooch pin jewelryMade by Fine Enamels the Penguin Brooch Pin Christmas Tree features fine enamel on gold for beauty and Holiday fun. For Penguin Gift Store enthusiasts the Penguin earrings, pin jewelry are exciting additions to the Penguin plush stuffed animals, blanket throw tapestry, toy miniature, figurine, crossing sign, necktie, puppet, t shirt, backpack, and keychain.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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