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Penguin Puppets Fun for Penguin Awareness Day January 20

Emperor Penguin Puppet with BabyPenguin Awareness Day is January 20. From their depiction in animal documentaries like “March of the Penguins” to Cartoon Movies like “Happy Feet” Penguins have endeared and ingrained themselves into modern culture. With their always dapper looking black and white tuxedo styled natural good looks the Penguin is always ready for a party. A fun way to bring Penguin Awareness Day to life is with Penguin Puppets. Can you imagine going to any party on January 20th along with your Penguin Puppet the good humored stir it would create. By combining Penguin Puppet fun with education everyone could join in immediately to celebrate the obscure but entertaining Penguin Awareness Day this January 20. It doesn’t take a professional to easily handle either the Emperor Penguin Puppet with Baby shown above left or the Baby Penguin Puppet shown bottom left. Made by Folkmanis and featured online by Animal World the Penguin Puppets are ready to not only entertain but also to take on the unique personality of whoever decides to try their hand, pardon the pun, at being a Penguin puppeteer. Baby Penguin PuppetFor children the smaller Baby Penguin Puppet would probably be the wisest choice or for anyone who considers themselves a complete novice. There is even a Penguin Finger puppet available for anyone who is totally intimidated by the thought of working a real puppet but feels confident enough to wiggle their finger. Likewise for large gatherings or goodie bags the Penguin Finger Puppets could easily be a universal choice for large gatherings. Penguin Gifts Stores will undoubtedly be promoting Penguin Puppets to help celebrate Penguin Awareness Day. Penguins will continue to be one of the favorite of all animals and in turn are an automatic representation of cold things like ice, perseverance in handling the cold and their constant handsome appearance since they are continually dressed up for any occasion.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Penguin Gifts for Penguin Awareness Day January 20

penguin stuffed animal plush waddles

Penguin Stuffed Animal Plush Waddles

penguin figurine statue john perry

Penguin Figurine Statue by John Perry

penguin crossing sign

Penguin Crossing Sign

With most of the country currently handling the cold of Winter it is easy to identify with the Penguins of Antarctica as they endure the totally inhospitable bitter cold, wind and snow environment of the South Pole. For this reason it is easy to understand that this coming Friday January 20 is Penguin Awareness. To celebrate Penguin Awareness Day anyone can look to Penguin Gifts Store collectibles to make the day special. There penguin enthusiasts can shop for a Penguin stuffed animal plush, figurine, toy miniature, earrings, crossing sign, necktie, puppet, t shirt and backpack. The easiest way to celebrate Penguin Awareness Day is with Penguin Stuffed Animal Plush Toys. Animal World features Penguin stuffed animal plush toys in baby, adolescent and adult Penguin styles. Made by stuffed animal plush companies like TY, Douglas, Aurora Toys and Petting Zoo the Penguin stuffed animal plush toys offer unconditional soft adorable loving play fun. Probably the best way to declare attention to Penguin Awareness Day is with a Penguin Crossing Sign. Made in the USA of bright yellow painted durable aluminum the Penguin Crossing Sign is ready for outdoor zoo habitat education safety or indoor penguin lover home decor collectible fun. With a prepunched hole at the top the Penguin Crossing Sign is ready for easy mounting on any wall, fence, post or anywhere it can provide amusement or education. For more serious Penguin animal lover enthusiasts the Penguin Figurine Statue 4 Penguins on an Ice Flow by John Perry is perfect for interesting and eye catching home decor. Since ice is thought of automatically in conjunction with penguins many ice companies the Penguin is their mascot. For them Penguin Awareness Day is a year round recognition especially during the hot days of Summer when a cool drink with plenty of ice is a welcome respite. For this week leading up to Penguin Awareness Day January 20 we have only one day to recognize Penguins,  however celebrating Penguins and their amazing ability to survive in the world’s coldest most barren location on earth is a testament to their evolution, teamwork and one of the many miracles of nature.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Penguin Figurines by John Perry offer Antarctic Home Decor Style

penguin figurine 4 on ice flow by John Perry

Penguin Figurine at

For some changing home decor is Seasonal. Currently we are in the heart of Winter and no other animal harkens the season better than the Penguin. With their teamwork in staving off the bitter Antarctic cold the Penguin like no other animal not only survives but thrives in this hostile cold climate.  Capturing this in art is the Penguin Figurine 4 Penguins on Ice Flow by John Perry and featured online by Animal World on their Penguin Gift Store page. Made of Pellucida with detailed hand painting the Penguin Figurine  shows 3 Penguins in the classic at attention pose while the 4th Penguin prepares to dive into the water off the ice flow. Measuring 5″ long x 4″ high and 4″wide it is designed for eye level display on a mantle, wall shelf or curio cabinet high shelf. For commercial decorators working to achieve an Antarctic display the Penguin Figurine can be integrated with a mirror laid flat to provide an element look of water, cotton balls to create the illusion of snow at waters edge and the Penguin Figurine John Perry 4 Penguins on ice flow positioned so it appears as if the one penguin is diving into the icy water. With three simple items, the mirror, cotton balls and the Penguin Figurine you can create an action filled Antarctic Winter scene. Additional Penguin Display items are available in realistic looking penguin toy miniatures mini animals also available on the Penguin Gifts Store page mentioned earlier.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Penguin Earrings and Brooch Pin Jewelry

penguin earrings gold jewelry french curveSummer is over and with it’s end comes the cool weather of Fall and cold weather of Winter. One of the best animals that represent cold weather of Winter is Penguins. To celebrate this totally uniquely animal which is totally adapted to it’s frigid world Animal World features a beautiful pair of Penguin Earrings Gold Jewelry. Made in the USA by Wild Bryde the Penguin Earrrings capture the classic upright look of Penguins along with their formal like dressed white shirt black coat dinner attire natural look. Designed in the French curve wire style the Penguin Earrings Gold Jewelry are ready for formal occasions but also offer fashion for casual wear. Likewise with the Christmas Holidays fast approaching Animal World also offers online a Penguin Brooch Pin Jewelry featuring a pyramid of 6 Penguins creating a Penguin Christmas Tree. penguin brooch pin jewelryMade by Fine Enamels the Penguin Brooch Pin Christmas Tree features fine enamel on gold for beauty and Holiday fun. For Penguin Gift Store enthusiasts the Penguin earrings, pin jewelry are exciting additions to the Penguin plush stuffed animals, blanket throw tapestry, toy miniature, figurine, crossing sign, necktie, puppet, t shirt, backpack, and keychain.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Penguin Gifts for Penguin Awareness Day Jan 20th

Penguin Chick Plush Stuffed Animal

Penguin Chick Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

penguin plush stuffed animal with baby penguin

Penguin Adult with Baby plush stuffed animal toy

Penguin Awareness Day is Januar20th each year to coincide with the beginning of the northward migration of the male Penguins with Penguin Chicks en route back to the female Penguins heading south after gorging on krill in the fertile waters off the Antarctic. To celebrate Penguin Awareness Day it is appropriate to wear black and white and if  possible in honor of penguins to wear a tuxedo. To fully celebrate Penguin Awareness Day one needs to avail  themselves to one of the many Penguin Gifts store items like the Penguin blanket throw tapestry, plush stuffed animal, toy miniature, necktie, toy miniature, earrings,  pin, puppet crossing sign, backpack or figurine. Unlike most other animals or birds Penguin mothers leave their unborn chicks still in the egg. Male Penguins then protect the egg from the Antarctic cold by balancing it on their feet. With their wings the keep the egg warm and incubate it until it hatches. After hatching the male feeds the baby infant as best it can until the arrival of the female who after feasting on the krill of the ocean water off Antarctica is ready to take over it’s role of provider of food for the hungry growing infant Penguin chick. The Penguin Plush Stuffed Animal Adult with baby chick is a realistic representation of the early days of the penguin chick huddled close to the adult penguin. The Penguin chick plush stuffed animal features super soft silver, black white plush and is similar in size and realism. Teachers can easily make Penguin Awareness Day a special occasion in the classroom through use of the Penguin Puppets and toy miniatures. Students can also use Penguin Awareness Day as special inspiration to Penguin Diorama projects or written presentations with props.  Young children can use the Penguin Backpack to carry books, toys or special possessions when on vacation. Penguin enthusiasts can celebrate Penguin Awareness Day by adding a Penguin figurine or Penguin Crossing Sign to their collection. Penguins are one of the most unique and wonderful animals or birds in the entire earth. Utilize Penguin Awareness Day wisely whether you are simply a penguin lover, teacher, student or holiday decorator. People who work in offices where proper attire is required the Penguin earrings or Penguin Pin Jewelry for ladies or the Penguin Necktie would be an excellent way to add fashion and fun to the every day work environment. For home decor the Penguin Blanket Throw Tapestry can be displayed on a wall, laid on a bed, draped on a sofa, chair or used for warmth while reading, watching TV or taking a nap. At first the thought of a Penguin Awareness Day seems like a frivolous unnecessary celebratory day, however, when you realize the hardships Penguins endure in daily life simply to survive and raise a family of one, the setting aside of one day a year to learn about and appreciate the beauty of Penguins seems above and beyond appropriate.

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