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Penguin Gifts for Penguin Awareness Day January 20

penguin stuffed animal plush waddles

Penguin Stuffed Animal Plush Waddles

penguin figurine statue john perry

Penguin Figurine Statue by John Perry

penguin crossing sign

Penguin Crossing Sign

With most of the country currently handling the cold of Winter it is easy to identify with the Penguins of Antarctica as they endure the totally inhospitable bitter cold, wind and snow environment of the South Pole. For this reason it is easy to understand that this coming Friday January 20 is Penguin Awareness. To celebrate Penguin Awareness Day anyone can look to Penguin Gifts Store collectibles to make the day special. There penguin enthusiasts can shop for a Penguin stuffed animal plush, figurine, toy miniature, earrings, crossing sign, necktie, puppet, t shirt and backpack. The easiest way to celebrate Penguin Awareness Day is with Penguin Stuffed Animal Plush Toys. Animal World features Penguin stuffed animal plush toys in baby, adolescent and adult Penguin styles. Made by stuffed animal plush companies like TY, Douglas, Aurora Toys and Petting Zoo the Penguin stuffed animal plush toys offer unconditional soft adorable loving play fun. Probably the best way to declare attention to Penguin Awareness Day is with a Penguin Crossing Sign. Made in the USA of bright yellow painted durable aluminum the Penguin Crossing Sign is ready for outdoor zoo habitat education safety or indoor penguin lover home decor collectible fun. With a prepunched hole at the top the Penguin Crossing Sign is ready for easy mounting on any wall, fence, post or anywhere it can provide amusement or education. For more serious Penguin animal lover enthusiasts the Penguin Figurine Statue 4 Penguins on an Ice Flow by John Perry is perfect for interesting and eye catching home decor. Since ice is thought of automatically in conjunction with penguins many ice companies the Penguin is their mascot. For them Penguin Awareness Day is a year round recognition especially during the hot days of Summer when a cool drink with plenty of ice is a welcome respite. For this week leading up to Penguin Awareness Day January 20 we have only one day to recognize Penguins,  however celebrating Penguins and their amazing ability to survive in the world’s coldest most barren location on earth is a testament to their evolution, teamwork and one of the many miracles of nature.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Baby Penguin Plush Stuffed Animal are adorable educational animal gift play fun

baby penguin plush stuffed animal toyPenguin eggs are layed just as winter begins in Antarctica. It is the father penguins job to protect and keep the egg warm and incubated as the female penguin leaves to seek open water where they feed on krill and other sea creatures which fattens them up for feeding their young when they return. If they are able to complete the arduous journey first to open water, then avoiding predators like sea otters and finally to return to the flock they are greeted by their baby Penguin. Celebrating this special moment the baby Penguin plush stuffed animal is realistic, soft and adorable. Featuring silvery white and black plush this baby Penguin stuffed animal is realistic for educational play fun. Children can have fun playing with the baby Penguin plush stuffed animal without realizing that at the same time they are learning. For teachers the baby Penguin plush stuffed animal can be used as a hands on learning tool. Students can pass the baby Penguin stuffed animal amongst themselves while inspecting the size which shows their vulnerability until they reach adulthood. School projects can also be created in which baby Penguins could be part of an Antarctica display. For office parties or theme dinners with a Winter theme the baby Penguin plush stuffed animal can be used in centerpieces or for individual place settings. The baby Penguin plush stuffed animal is best for the same reason everyone loves plush stuffed animals and that is for adorable lovable play fun.

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