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Happy Fathers Day from Animal and Pet Lover Gifts

Steve Forrest Writer Photography Video

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads from Animal and Pet Lover Gifts. If your dogs, cats or family pets could talk they would be offering their own Happy Fathers Day to the adulation given to Dad everywhere today. Having a Dad to say “Happy Fathers Day” to is as important as being a Father. Hearing it and offering it are equal in the warm feeling they provide. The relationship between Dads and their pets is often as strong as the human ones. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to be a Dad and it is especially wonderful to have a day given in honor of us Dads. If dogs or cats as the family pet were able to shop for Dad they would definitely check out the dog lover gifts, cat lover gifts available online.

Happy Fathers Day article written by Steve Forrest Writer Photography Website Designer 

Love Your Pet Day Pet Lover Gifts February 20

golden retriever lover dog t shirtThe month of February has famous days however one day that should not go unnoticed is Love Your Pet Day February 20. Everyone loves their pet dog, cat, horse or other animal however it is nice to know that one day has been reserved for this special designation. To celebrate Love Your Pet Day consumers should consider any of the wonderful animal and pet theme gifts from online retailers like Animal World. There pet lovers gifts can be found including pet dog plush stuffed animal toys, pet dog lover blanket throw tapestries, pet dog plastic animal toy miniature, pet dog crossing signs, pet dog lover t shirts, pet lover dog sweatshirts, pet dog leashes, pet dog collars, pet lover jewelry, pet dog keychains, pet dog figurines, pet dog coffee mug, plates, cookie jars, shot glasses, and pet dog picture frames. With any of these items Love Your Pet Day can be celebrated and enjoyed year round in addition to February 20 it’s official day of recognition.

Number 1 Back to school Beach fashion item – Animal T Shirts

great white shark t shirt

Shark T Shirt

dolphin t shirt

Dolphin T Shirt

blue crab t shirt usa

Blue Crab T Shirt

July is almost over which means August is bearing down and with it comes needs for back to school. Most people first think of school supplies however the number 1 item for back to school from the beach is animal t shirts which say something about what they did or experienced over the Summer. For most people the best memory of the Summer was time spent at the beach. Therefore for anyone who went to the beach and enjoyed seeing Dolphins the obvious choice for back to school fashion is a Dolphin T Shirt. The Dolphin T shirt not only announces to all bragging rights for going to the beach it also declares to all a personal love for the amazing beauty of dolphins.  Dolphin T Shirts are not the only fashion choice for back to school from the beach fashion fun, there are many other very popular animal theme t shirts that accomplish similar fashion lover goals. For  example a favorite activity at the beach is walking at waters edge. While walking the beach or sitting relaxing at the beach a fascination with crabs  can easily evolve. For beach lovers who think outside the box in a quirky humorous way the logical choice for back to school from the beach fashion is the Pair of Blue Crabs T Shirt. Although they usually are found around lakes versus the ocean, frogs definitely have their place in Summertime experiences and for that reason Colorful Rainbow Frog T Shirts are always a popular back to school fun fashion. For tourists who have traveled to Florida for Summer vacation encounters with iguanas might have occurred. For boys especially who want to show their toughness and to make the girls uneasy the realistic iguana t shirt is ready to catch some attention. Likewise, another animal synonymous with Florida is the Manatee. It is easy to fall in love with manatee, by their slow lumbering movement, cute whiskers, nonthreatening behavior and totally unique and isolated habitat. For anyone who has been privileged to witness them in the  wild the pair of Manatees T Shirt is a wonderful choice. In addition wearing a Manatee brings an additional awareness to the current plight of the manatee with regard to depletion of habitat and injury from boats propellers. Returning to the beach the majority of girls love dolphins but the majority of boys love Sharks. For boys sharks are cool, they are tough, perfect for wild imaginations and for boys the Great White Shark T Shirt especially with a big menacing open mouthed ready to eat something shark is almost a must for back to school fashion.  Similar to the iguana t shirt the Shark T Shirt evokes a response, girls squeal or scream, teachers ask questions and boys reap all the attention, thus establishing the desired effect in the first place. In contrast the innocence and beauty of life is captured in the Baby Turtles T Shirt. As we have witnessed on animal specials many times one of the most beautiful moments in life is witnessing baby Loggerhead Turtles emerging from their sandy birthplace and then struggling, against great odds to make it safely to oceans edge where they will start the perilous journey to one day hopefully become adult Loggerhead Turtles. This magical moment is captured on the Baby Loggerhead Turtles T Shirt. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World when speaking on the animal t shirts, ” children more than adults have a natural passion and love for animals of the world. Unlike adults they don’t have a stigma or problem showing this love by wearing their favorite animal in fashion on a t shirt or sweatshirt .” Summer is everyone’s favorite time of the year, unfortunately the month of August brings the reality of Summer’s end into clear focus. Students can never turn back the hands of time but they can capture that wonderful feeling of going to the beach in back to school fashion with Animal T Shirts like the Dolphin, Shark, Turtle, Frog, Iguana and Manatee. During these tough economic times for all everyone, children and parents can help America and still have Beach Theme Animal T Shirts fashion fun because they are printed by Animal World and therefore are made with pride in the USA with American theme beach designs.

manatee t shirt

Manatee T Shirt

rainbow frog t shirt

Rainbow Frogs T Shirt

iguana t shirt

Iguana T Shirt

loggerhead turtle t shirt sweatshirt

Turtle T Shirt Sweatshirt

Are Animals left handed? August 13 is Left hand Awareness day

lemur plush stuffed animal toy

Lemurs show a definite tendency towards using their left hand.

red parrot macaw plush stuffed animal

Parrot Macaws are left handed

flounder plush stuffed fish toy

Flounders have both eyes on their left side

This August 13 is International Left Hand Day, Awareness which begs the question, are animals left handed ? Since communication with animals is not possible observation is our only source for answering this question. According to Brewnog at the first almost universal agreement is that Parrots Macaw birds are left handed. The land animals that are next in line that appear to be left handed are bears, wolves and badgers.  In the ocean Flounders appear to be left handed as both eyes are on the left side and lobsters appear to be left handed or in their case left clawed. In the jungle Apes, Lemurs and Galagos also appear to be often left handed. Domestic dogs and cats can show tendencies toward being left handed however, since treats are often involved this can be a learned response instead of a natural tendency. Kate P at at states that research shows Polar Bears are 80% left handed, dogs 20% and cats are 39% left handed or left pawed to be more technical. As a definitive answer to the question, are animals left handed is simple, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Certain animals definitely are almost entirely left handed like the Polar Bear or show tendencies toward being left handed for strength and coordination. While no animal just like no human shows exclusivity toward using the right or left it is clear that for many animals the left hand is the preferred means of grasping, clawing, retrieving or inspecting. As you celebrate August 13 Left Hand Awareness Day raise a toast to  the animals in the world who are also part of that special group of individuals that were selected by nature to be left handed. If you are looking for a left handed animal to help celebrate August 13 Left Hand Awareness day you may wish to review the wildlife plush stuffed animals available like the lemur, flounder, parrot, macaw, polar bear, wolf or badger.

Dalmatian Necktie is dog breed lover fashion fun

Dalmatian Necktie Red

Dalmatian Necktie on Red

Dalmatian Neckties allow a dog breed lovers the opportunity to show their love of the Dalmatian in dress up or casual fun. One of the most famous Disney movies of all time is 101 Dalmatians. For any Dalmatian dog lover or lover of the movie the Dalmatian Necktie would be a must for appropriate attire. Made of 100% silk the Dalmation Necktie features a conservative repeating pattern and may actually have about 100 dalmatians on the pattern. Dalmatians are famous in their historical role as the Fireman’s dog. The same is true in the beer industry where the Dalmatian is the dog featured on the Budweiser Beer Truck pulled by a team of Clydesdales. Even the old RCA Victor commercials features Dalmatians. All were successful in part because of the unique black spots on white background coat which distinguishes Dalmatian breed. This same unique successful fashion statement can be achieved by any Dalmatian Dog Lover that decides to select the Dalmatian necktie for dog lover fashion fun.   Dalmatian dog breed clubs could make excellent use of the Dalmatian dog breed necktie in club functions, raffles, and other fund raising activities. The best use of the Dalmatian necktie is for personal gifts where their is a close bond between man and dog. The man can proudly wear the Dalmatian necktie to work, to church or just for fun to get people’s reaction. The Dalmatian Necktie features dalmatian puppies on red, with the black spotted puppies on white with the red background it is a beautiful a beautiful color combination which will complement a variety of suits or outfits. Animal neckties like the Dalmatian dog necktie allow all animal lover the chance to combine their love of animals and wildlife with their everyday need to dress up for business and responsible dress. Hopefully the Dalmatian necktie and the animal neckties will make the everyday life a little more fun while at the same time setting new fashions.

Boston Terrier Gifts for Boston Terrier breed lovers

Boston Terrier blanket tapestry throw
From my experience people who own Boston Terrier’s are some of the most enthusiastic breed owners you will ever encounter. Boston Terrier owners are also love to buy Boston Terrier theme gifts. For these reasons there are many Boston Terrier collectibles that make owning a Boston Terrier fun. Boston Terrier gifts include plush stuffed animals, throw blankets, pillows, figurines, t shirts, cookie jars, crossing signs, doormats, picture frames, mousepads, mugs, plates, shot glasses, umbrellas, urns, tea sets, and keychains. Boston Terrier Cookie JarThe Boston Terrier blanket is perfect for home decor or warmth on a chilly day. The Boston Terrier pillows and doormats can be used with the blanket for a complete decor package. For mantles, shelves and curios the Boston Terrier figurines in sizes from small to original size display are made of cast stone and hand painted for incredible realism. The Boston Terrier Tea Set is also perfect for diplay and truly sets the stage. The Boston Terrier T Shirts are great for wearing to the club events, dog shows, or just to show everyone you love the breed. For kitchen decor function and fun the Boston Terrier Cookie jar, canister set feature rubber seal tops to keep food fresh. The Boston Terrier porcelain jar can be used as a sugar bowl, candy jar or for jewelry. Children grown up and go to college, this is often a tough time and being away from the family pet can make this time harder. In these cases the Boston Terrier plush stuffed animals can help during that time away from home. For people away on duty far from home the same can be true and once again plush Boston Terrier MugBoston Terrier stuffed animals can help. Signs and pictures are part of everyone lives and Boston Terrier crossing signs and pictures frames fill both of those requirements. For driving fun and fashion there are the Boston Terrier keychains and umbrellas. Boston Terrier mousepads can be used for home or office and for the day when the pet passes the Boston Terrier urn places those special memories in beautiful porcelain with the rainbow bridge poem.

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