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Pit Bull Dog Figurines for home dog figurines decor

pit bull figurine brindle and whitePit Bulls dogs are very popular dogs for many people during these times. Often they are adopted by families for protection but many families also have very successful long term relationships with their Pit Bulls. To remember these special bonds families often look for Pit Bull Figurines like the one shown for home decor display on shelves, mantles or curio cabinets. Pit Bulls predominantly in the brindle and white coloring as displayed on the Pit Bull Figurine pictured however they can also come in all brindle or mainly white coloring. The Pit Bull has many tendencies toward aggression toward other dogs and sometimes people. This is due to it’s origins as a pit fighting dog or as a dog for bull baiting. Unfortunately these characteristics can still be brought out if Pit Bull owner encourage that behavior. pit bull dog figurine white and fawnFor responsible dog owners that wish work to breed this tendency out of Pit Bulls the result will be a wonderful pet that will love, cherish it’s human relationship, protect only under extreme circumstance and obey commands. Pit Bull are very intelligent and are eager to learn and please. Probably the most famous Pit Bull of all time was owned by Thomas Edison and used as the original model for the RCA logo. Famous owners of Pit Bulls have included Michael J Fox and James Caan. Pit Bulls weigh between 50 -80 pounds are 18 – 22 inches high and have a short smooth coat. staffordshire terrier figurine brindlePit Bull Gifts for dog lovers including the Pit Bull Dog Figurines also include t shirts, cookie jars, doormats, crossing signs, picture frames, pillows, mugs, plates, porcelain jars, shot glasses and keychains.

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