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Plastic Toy Animal Line expanded at Animal World

bearded dragon toy animal plasticchipmunk toy plastic animal  The already extensive line of plastic animal toys has recently expanded at Animal World. According to Mary Ann at Animal World recent additions to their mini plastic toy animal line include Safari mini good luck flamingo, bald eagle, seahorse, sea turtle and cownose ray. Likewise the animal toy tube line now includes a Butterfly toy tube containing a variety of 8 Butterflies miniatures. In addition to the standard size plastic toy animals line consumers can now find a realistic looking chipmunk and bearded dragon toy miniature. Finally another line of plastic toy animals now includes the Sea Turtle life cycle.  The Safari Mini Good Luck toy miniatures in are excellent in wildlife displays like dioramas or other similar school projects. Similarly the Animal Life Cycle toy miniatures are also perfect for school wildlife projects, classroom education and professional looking miniaturization displays. For simple learning play fun nothing compares to the realistic looking standard size plastic animal toys like the new chipmunk or bearded dragon. These look so incredible people often do double takes and for animal enthusiasts they can also offer exceptional home decor possibilities.
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