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Cairn Terrier Plush Stuffed Animals are Wizard of Oz Dorothy’s Toto dog play fun.

cairn terrier plush stuffed animal
Everyone loves the Wizard of Oz and one of the most famous characters is Dorothy’s dog named Toto. Toto was a Cairn Terrier dog and the Cairn Terrier plush stuffed animals look so real they could be Toto’s double in the movie. Available in 3 styles the plush Cairn Terrier stuffed animal is perfect for school plays where you need a cooperative dog to carry the scene. A lot of people also like to dress up as Dorothy from Wizard of OZ for Halloween. For them the Cairn Terrier plush toy is the highlight of the entire ensemble and definitely sells to everyone that Dorothy is portrayed. Cairn Terriers are part of the terrier breed group for historical and show purposes. plush cairn terrier stuffed animalsAs with all terriers, Cairn Terriers display a tenacious personality which was perfect for chasing unwanted vermin from the house or under the house in older times. Cairn Terriers are also known for pursuing their quarry into holes to root them out. Today Cairn Terriers make excellent pets because of their loyalty and protection characteristics. For people who are not able to have real dogs, Cairn Terrier plush stuffed animal toys make a wonderful replacement without the cost of food, vets, dog hair and yard clean up. For people away from their beloved Cairn Terrier pet in college, camp or duty Cairn Terrier plush stuffed animals can provide a feeling of home. large cairn terrier plush stuffed animalFor patients in the hospital or in long term care Cairn Terrier dog plush stuffed animals have been known to speed up and help the healing process. Cairn Terriers stuffed animals feature bright attentive eyes, a silver, gray, charcoal, brown short coat, a perky upright tail and happy feet. Merchandise display professionals who are in need of realistic looking dogs that provide a feeling of family to spring time , fall or park displays often use Cairn Terrier plush toys. Cairn Terriers stuffed animals work well in these situations since even though people may not associate Cairn Terriers with Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, people do feel a certain familiarity and comfort with the Cairn Terrier. It is as if they have a feeling inside that they have known Cairn Terrier type dogs for their entire life. Because of the Wizard of Oz in essence everyone does have that warm fuzzy feeling about Cairn Terriers, so Cairn Terrier dog plush stuffed animals satisfy the need for that exact innate feeling of home, security and safety. That is why Cairn Terriers are so popular with families and plush Cairn Terrier stuffed animals are so popular with the public. Cairn Terrier plush stuffed animals are Wizard of Oz Dorothy’s Toto dog play fun for kids of all ages.

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