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Chihuahua Plush Stuffed Animals for play fun, companionship, decor and education.

chihuahua plush stuffed animal bebeChihuahuas are one of the most recognizable dogs of the toy group. Known for their small size, big expression filled eyes and warm hearts Chihuahuas rely on their owners more than other dogs especially for warmth on a chilly day. Chihuahuas are known for wearing sweaters, shirts, or to prefer being held closely for warmth. For people that want the feeling of a cute, cuddly Chihuahua one of the best solutions is a Chihuahua stuffed animal plush. Another excellent for plush chihuahuas if for people in hospitals or who are unable to handle a real dog. Even though the Chihuahua plush stuffed animals is not real you can make it come alive with your imagination. This is especially true for children who desperately want a Chihuahua dog but are unable for whatever reason to have one. For people that are away from home at school, on vacation, away on business or even away on duty Chihuahua stuffed animals can help the person get through the passage of time. Plush Chihuahua stuffed animals are just one example of an ever increasing wonderful line of Dog plush stuffed animals. For clubs that have adopted the Chihuahua as their mascot the stuffed Chihuahuas are perfect for improving morale and building esprit decor. chihuahua stuffed animal plush tacoA last mention must be Chihuahua Mexican heritage. With this in mind for anyone looking for Mexican theme decor for a restaurant of for an event like Cinco de Mayo Chihuahua Plush stuffed animals might be the hit of the party.

Collie plush stuffed animals for Lassie lover fun

For many of us the TV show Lassie was a favorite and the star of the show was a collie called Lassie. Every show Lassie would save the day by doing something heroic. We learned to love Lassie but we also fell in love with the beautiful Collie breed. For most of us a real Collie pet dog will not be a reality however it can be a possibility with a Collie Plush Stuffed Animal. A plush collie can provide lovable adorable companionship for anyone that loves Collies. Collie plush stuffed animals can also be used in plays where a dog is necessary for a scene or for a reenactment of a Lassie episode. The most memorable trait of any collie is their long flowing coat. This same coat is captured in the plush Collie stuffed animal in the small and larger size shown above and below. The Collie plush stuffed animal is another beautiful example of the wonderful variety of dog stuffed animals now available for dog lovers. For dog education, display and story telling plush collies make classroom study more fun and more effective. Plush collie stuffed animals are available at this time however dog plush stuffed animals are done in production runs and often they are not remade. For this reason don’t wait to get your pet collie plush.

Black Poodle Plush Stuffed Animal is soft lovable play fun companion

All you have to do is take one look at the new Black Poodle plush stuffed animal Noir shown at Animal World and you fall in love. After you hold it in your arms and touch it’s super soft plush you can’t put it down. With a warm set of eyes this Black Poodle stuffed animal plush is called “Noir” and measures a cuddly 12″ long x 8″ high x 7″ wide. The black poodle dog plush stuffed animal Noir even comes with black polka dot ribbons on each ear. The Poodle breed has long been associated as the dog of the aristocracy but times have changed and anyone who has love in their heart, a warm home and a loving atmosphere can have a poodle. Many of course for one reason or another can’t have a real poodle, this is where this Noir the Black Poodle plush stuffed animal serves such an important role. For elderly who want a poodle to love and take care of this Black Poodle stuffed animal is a wise choice. For a guy who wants to give his girlfriend a plush dog Noir the Black Poodle makes a perfect gift. Students at college, children at camp, military away from home are 3 other great reasons to look to the stuffed poodle plush to brighten a friend or loved one’s day. Noir the Black Poodle plush stuffed animal is just one of many superbly made Dog plush stuffed animals for gift giving. Plush stuffed poodles are also available in colors white, chocolate, pink, and lavender like the Poodle plush shown below.

New Dachshund Plush Stuffed Animal is super soft play fun

This new Black and Tan Dachshund Plush Stuffed Animal is called “Sausage” and features a super soft black and tan plush. Dachshunds are often called the weiner dog because of course the resemble a hot dog so the name Sausage for this Dachshund plush stuffed animal is a perfect match. Dachshunds come in many styles and colors from black and tan like the Dachshund Plush Stuffed Animal shown to red or dapple with short hair or long hair. Black and Tan Dachshund dog plush stuffed animals have very similar gold markings on the muzzle, feet, and highlighting the eyes. This gold on black pattern make the Black and Tan Dachshund immediately recognizable. Dachshunds are known for their fierce protective tenacity and extreme lovable loyalty to their owners. This Black and Tan Dachshund plush stuffed animal captures that wonderful feeling of the love and charm that makes this breed so special. Stuffed plush dachshunds make an excellent gift for people that want a dog but can’t have one, or for someone who has recently lost their beloved dachshund. Other wonderful gift ideas for plush stuffed dogs is for college students away from home or children at summer camp away from their beloved pet for the first time. Dachshund plush stuffed animals like “Sausage” as with all dog plush stuffed animals are a timeless gift for dog lovers of all ages.

New Pug Dog Plush Stuffed Animal TY Dax

TY has introduced a new Pug plush stuffed animal dog to their line of classic plush stuffed dogs. Featuring soft gold, brown, black plush this Pug stuffed animal features the famous TY heart tag and is called Dax. Measuring 12″ long x 9″ high and 5″ wide Dax is featured in the standing pose and adds to an ever increasing line of beautiful Pug Plush Stuffed Animals in the Dog Plush stuffed animal industry. Dax is very cuddly, lovable, and easy to cary, and as with all plush stuffed animals the uses are endless. Pictured above this Pug Plush Stuffed Animal TY Dax is a gorgeous addition to the Pug dog plush stuffed animals gift line. Dog Plush Stuffed Animals make great gifts for girlfriends, boyfriends, children, the elderly and patients in hospitals.

Pug Plush Stuffed Animals for Pug Dog Lovers

pug plush stuffed animal classic

Pugs are part of the Toy Group in dog shows however Pugs are not your average toy . As any Pug owner knows Pugs demand attention, love people and are ready to be brave to protect their owners if the situation demanded. Pugs normally are a beautiful fawn however they can also be black. Pugs have become famous recently in a minor roll in Men in Black I and a major role in Men in Black II. A lot of the love, personality and beauty of Pugs is captured in the beautiful line of Pug Plush Stuffed Animals that are available in the dog stuffed animal plush gift business. Ranging in size from a small beanie baby size stuffed Pug to a life size plush Pugs any Pug lover can find one that reminds them of a pug they had, have or wish they could have. pug plush stuffed animal ty daxStuffed Plush Pugs are educational, excellent in expanding a child imagination or creativity, make excellent home decor, help hospital bound pug dog lover and are a source of strength for Pug dog owners that have recently lost their beloved pug family member.
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