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New Pug Dog Plush Stuffed Animal TY Dax

TY has introduced a new Pug plush stuffed animal dog to their line of classic plush stuffed dogs. Featuring soft gold, brown, black plush this Pug stuffed animal features the famous TY heart tag and is called Dax. Measuring 12″ long x 9″ high and 5″ wide Dax is featured in the standing pose and adds to an ever increasing line of beautiful Pug Plush Stuffed Animals in the Dog Plush stuffed animal industry. Dax is very cuddly, lovable, and easy to cary, and as with all plush stuffed animals the uses are endless. Pictured above this Pug Plush Stuffed Animal TY Dax is a gorgeous addition to the Pug dog plush stuffed animals gift line. Dog Plush Stuffed Animals make great gifts for girlfriends, boyfriends, children, the elderly and patients in hospitals.
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