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Weimaraner Plush Stuffed Animal is silver gray dog lover soft play fun

Weimaraner plush Stuffed Animal Small ClassicWeimaraner plush stuffed animal toys are specific dog breed lover play fun. Featuring 3 different styles Weimaraner dog lovers now have 3 ways to celebrate their love for the unique Weimaraner breed. Originating in Germany the Weimaraner breed was developed for hunting and tracking and is now part of the sporting dog group for dog club competitions. Known by many as the gray ghost the Weimaraner dog is known for it’s exclusive gray color with little variation. Featuring a short coat the Weimaraner standard weight is between 70 and 85 pounds and it height is between 23 and 28 inches high. Weimaraner plush stuffed animal Hans DouglasFor Weimaraner dog lovers the Weimaraner plush stuffed animal is ready for a multitude of potential needs. For family members away from home plush Weimaraner stuffed animals can help with homesickness. Likewise for dog owners away on duty or in the hospital away from the stuffed animal Weimaraner plush can help recovery and help bridge time away from home. As dogs pass it can be a very hard time for the family especially for those closest to the dog. In this situation the Weimaraner plush stuffed animal may not replace the passing of the pet but it can help soften the immediate time when the passing of the pet is most tender. Of course for many families having a real dog is not an option often because of family style or place of residence. Weimaraner plush stuffed animal classicIn this situation for family members with their heart set on having a dog the plush Weimaraner stuffed animal can be the next best option. Of course for anyone who just wants a beautiful silvery gray Weimaraner plush stuffed animal any of the 3 shown make an excellent choice for dog plush stuffed animal lover fun.

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