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Poison Dart Rainbow Frogs T Shirts is back to school boys fashion fun

poison dart rainbow frogs t shirtIt is time for back to school fashion for children of all ages including boys. Just like girls, not just any t shirt will work for back to school fashion. Boys like t shirts that evoke attention and better yet a reaction to what they wear especially from girls. For these reasons the Jungle Poison Dart Rainbow Frogs T Shirt is a perfect match. First the Jungle Rainbow Colored Frogs shown are unlike the garden or lake side variety anyone might encounter in their daily life. Second the Rainbow Frogs T Shirt portrays Poison Dart Frogs which makes them sound more deadly, sinister, menacing and cool to boys than the standard green frogs. Printed on natural color 100 % cotton by Animal World the Rainbow Frogs T Shirt is available from the smallest boy sizes through the largest adult sizes so even brand new Kindergarten students or High School students can find their personal size. Frogs are universal so the Jungle Poison Dart Rainbow Frog T Shirt is not exclusively for boys, girls who are frog lovers and frog enthusiasts can also enjoy adding this animal t shirt to their collection. Likewise the Rainbow Frogs T Shirt would lend itself easily to frog clubs, frog habitat fund raisers, related frog business promotions, school mascot morale and any activity that draws it’s theme or inspiration from frogs. With price points at 2, 6 and 12 t shirts with 12 t shirt quantity pricing at only $7.99 each the Rainbow Frogs T Shirt is an easy choice for any size group. Finally, for Frog Gift Store collections the Rainbow Frog T Shirt makes an excellent gift item for office parties, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas.

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