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Pomeranian Crossing Sign Warning Beware of Those Pomeranian Dogs

pomeranian crossing sign
Pomeranian Crossing Sign

No one is really worried about an attack by the diminutive sized Pomeranian but maybe they should be concerned. For those who know their dog history the Pomeranian dog breed was designed as a guard dog specifically to be the inside guard dog for the palace home of Kings and Queens. Considering the fact that these could be a life and death situations for a King or Queen you quickly realize the Pomeranian dog breed job as a protector is no joke. First, Pomeranian dogs provided a high pitched early warning alerting bark to the presence of an intruder. After that they would show absolutely no fear and demonstrate an uncanny knack for sneaking up undetected. Last despite their small size the Pomeranian dog could still deliver a disabling even vicious bite. For this reason Pomeranian dog owners should provide Pomeranian Crossing Signs for visitors who are either unaware or ignorant to their immanent proximity to a dog with a long history of guarding the inside perimeter of their house as well as it’s occupants. Made of durable aluminum for use outdoors or indoors the Pomeranian Crossing Sign is designed in the classic bright yellow diamond shape of most roadway warning signs. With a prepunched hole at the top the Pomeranian Crossing Sign is ready for easy attachment to a wall, post, fence, gate, door or anywhere the dog warning sign can inform, educate and provide notice to potential danger albeit small. Pomeranian Crossing Signs are thought of first for safety function but they also have great potential if you think outside the box. For the most part Pomeranian are exactly what they look like a big ball or beautiful orange fur, with bright eyes, smiling face and ready friendship. For this reason Pomeranian dog owners have become big Pomeranian Gift Store Collectors. Amongst their collection of Pomeranian theme gifts may be Pomeranian plush stuffed animals, blanket throw tapestries, figurine statues, t shirts and even sweatshirts. To provide proper dog lover decor the Pomeranian Crossing Sign can be used effectively to present notice that visitors and friends are not only entering the domain of a Pomeranian but also the premises of an enthusiast Pomeranian dog lover. It is great to know that the Pomeranian Crossing Sign has excellent potential for use as a warning sign and as an announcement to all that they are also in the presence of royalty so to speak and if you forget try to remember that you have been forewarned. Pomeranian dogs were originally bred as a guard dog.

Pomeranian Crossing Sign Article by Steve Forrest WriterVideo Photography

New Pomeranian Crossing sign for dog lover enthusiast

pomeranian crossing signPomeranians as history tells us originated from Europe in specific from Spitz breed herding dogs. They were also larger up to 30 pounds with a less dense lighter color coat. As the breed developed it became a much smaller dog with a darker usually orange colored coat. Pomeranian dog lovers today are always looking for ways to educate neighbors and present their dog in the best possible light. For this the new Pomeranian Crossing sign offers outdoor safety function along with indoor home decor fun. The new Pomeranian Crossing sign features gorgeous full color artwork on durable aluminum providing an all weather sign for long lasting wear. Pomeranian dog lover often have large collections of Pomeranian memorabilia sometimes taking up an entire room in the house. To invite friends or visitors in a friendly way the Pomeranian Crossing sign can provide personality and fun to the Pomeranian collection. Pomeranians are a beautiful dog, however, sometimes foster homes are needed for Pomeranian dogs. This is where Pomeranian rescue groups play an important role. The new Pomeranian Crossing Sign could be utilized in rescue fund raisers. Likewise, Pomeranian breed shows could offer the crossing signs as trophies in best of show competitions. Pomeranians are a wonderful breed and are perfect for families. The new Pomeranian Crossing sign shows pride in breed, is outdoor safety functional and announces to all love for this special lovable beautiful dog.

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