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Pomeranian Dog Figurines are Sandicast home decor fun

Sandicast Pomeranian Dog FigurinePomeranian’s are an adorable dog resembling a big orange pom pom. With their trademark fluffy multi shaded orange hair they appear to be more hair than dog. This is a difficult feature to capture in dog figurines, however, Sandicast achieved this feeling with their dog figurines. Featuring a snoozer figurine, small size, mid size and original size dog figurine the Sandicast Pomeranian dog figurines translate a feeling of realism. This is especially true when analyzing the Pomeranian Original Size Figurine shown above. Featuring bright glass eyes the Pomeranian dog figurine seems so real as if it is looking for someone with whom to play. The hair is also extremely realistic and according to Sandra Brue the founder and creator of Sandicast each hair is laid on the dog figurine just like a real dog, one at a time in a layered fashion which gives a feeling of depth and softness. Sandicast Pomeranian figurine mid sizeSimilar to the original size Pomeranian Sandicast dog figurine is the mid size shown middle. Using the same techniques Sandicast also made the Pomeranian Mid Size Dog figurine in a classic sitting pose. Perfect for use on desks, mantles, curio cabinets and coffee tables the Sandicast Pomeranian makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift for any occasion. Pomeranians are part of the toy group and historically were used as the indoor dog so they are known more for their bark than their bite. With their high pitched bark in rapid fire they could sound an alarm that could be heard easily throughout the house or castle. Today Pomeranians live a similar role in families where they reside providing love and companionship wherever their personality presides their presence. Pomeranian figurine small sizeThese same qualities are captured in the Pomeranian dog figurines. The newest Pomeranian Sandicast figurine is the Small Size pictured lower middle. Priced lower than the original size or the mid size the Sandicast small size Pomeranian dog figurine still exudes it’s own unique personality. The smallest Pomeranian is the Snoozer. Featuring a Pomeranian puppy taking a nap the Pomeranian Snoozer figurine is adorable. As a first figurine for children the Pomeranian Snoozer is a wise choice. For Pomeranian Gifts Store enthusiasts the choices available in dog figurines is a wonderful dilemma. Usually the problem lies in which Pomeranian figurine to select since all the choices are excellent. Whichever Pomeranian figurine is selected only leads to a complete collection since each pose exudes a different side and personality of this wonderful breed. Pomeranian Figurine Sandicast SnoozerPomeranian’s are a popular breed and with as nice a selection of dog figurines available dog breed owners can capture a piece of history while immortalizing their pet with a piece of dog figurine honor.

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