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Poodle Figurines are dog figurine decorating unlimited fun.

white poodle dog figurine
Poodles are one of the most recognizable of all breeds. People early on learn to recognize the distinctive aristocratic look of a poodle. Poodles come in all sizes from tea cup poodles, to toy poodles, to miniature poodles to standard poodles. Poodles can come in all colors from white poodles, to black poodles, to silver poodles, to chocolate poodles to apricot poodles and all shades in between. Poodles are part of the sporting dog group and one poodle enthusiast even entered a team of poodles in the Iditarod dog race in Alaska. For Poodle enthusiasts a natural gift selection is a poodle figurines. The White Poodle Figurine Sandicast mid size shown is an excellent selection. Featuring the classic sitting pose this White poodle figurine is made of cast and hand highlight painted for realism. Likewise the black poodle is similar only featuring the black color. Poodles have become synonymous with hairstyles. People with a tight curled bouffant have been called poodle heads. Some people associate themselves with poodles and feel the poodle represents what they stand for or how they want to be known. Often in these cases the poodle is meant to be a nice fun loving mascot for their formal or informal club. They may even call themselves the Poodles or the Poodle heads. In either case Poodle figurines can be a useful fund raiser. Poodle dog figurines could be used for party theme decorations. For Poodle dog breeders and show organizers poodle figurines can be used in trophy presentations for best of breed or best in show. The possibilities can even branch out into themes for businesses. black poodle dog figurineSome hairdressers use the poodle to represent their establishment. Some poodle owners have even been known to die their poodle wild colors like pink poodles or even purple poodles. With their French heritage the flamboyance of poodles can add to the flair and unlimited possibilities for poodle associations. As with anything the possibilities for poodle figurines is only limited by anyones imagination.

Poodle Gifts for Dog Lover Collectible Fun

Having a dog is more than having a pet, it is a relationship that begins often with a new 6 week old puppy, develops into a rich history of memories and end of course with the pet’s passing. Poodles have often been thought of a a dog for the rich but anyone can own a Poodle and for Poodle dog lovers they wouldn’t want any other breed. Since Poodle don’t shed they are very popular with dog owners who are used to dog hair from shedding. Because of this Poodles have been cross bred with popular shedding dogs like Golden Retriever to make a new designer breed called Goldendoodles. The same is true for Labrador Poodles became Labradoodles, and Shih Tzu Poodles became Shihpoos, to name a few. For Poodle breed enthusiasts looking for Poodle ideas many great Poodle gifts are available. Poodle gifts include plush stuffed animals, shirts, figurines, crossing signs, cookie jars, throw blankets, doormats, crossing signs, coasters, flags, totebags, picture frames, keychains, mugs, plates, shot glasses. One of the Poodle T Shirts is shown. Most Poodle gifts are available in various colors including black, white, chocolate and apricot.

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