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Black Poodle Plush Stuffed Animal is soft lovable play fun companion

All you have to do is take one look at the new Black Poodle plush stuffed animal Noir shown at Animal World and you fall in love. After you hold it in your arms and touch it’s super soft plush you can’t put it down. With a warm set of eyes this Black Poodle stuffed animal plush is called “Noir” and measures a cuddly 12″ long x 8″ high x 7″ wide. The black poodle dog plush stuffed animal Noir even comes with black polka dot ribbons on each ear. The Poodle breed has long been associated as the dog of the aristocracy but times have changed and anyone who has love in their heart, a warm home and a loving atmosphere can have a poodle. Many of course for one reason or another can’t have a real poodle, this is where this Noir the Black Poodle plush stuffed animal serves such an important role. For elderly who want a poodle to love and take care of this Black Poodle stuffed animal is a wise choice. For a guy who wants to give his girlfriend a plush dog Noir the Black Poodle makes a perfect gift. Students at college, children at camp, military away from home are 3 other great reasons to look to the stuffed poodle plush to brighten a friend or loved one’s day. Noir the Black Poodle plush stuffed animal is just one of many superbly made Dog plush stuffed animals for gift giving. Plush stuffed poodles are also available in colors white, chocolate, pink, and lavender like the Poodle plush shown below.

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