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Portuguese Water Dog New Star at White House

The White House is about to have a new star. The Portuguese Water Dog has been selected as the new family pet for the Obama Family. This may be a boon to the dog lover gift industry. Since Portuguese Water Dogs are not as common as Cocker Spaniels or Labs there are currently not many gifts available for Portuguese Dog lover however their is a beautiful Portuguese Water Dog plush stuffed animal toy which would make a perfect gift for anyone who wants their own personal “family first dog. The Obama’s made an excellent choice, the Portuguese Water Dog is very family oriented, very receptive of guests, part of the sporting dog group, and loves to swim. The most important consideration in picking the Portuguese Water Dog might have been the fact that they do not shed. You can’t have the President, first lady, children or guests walking around with dog hair on their clothes. The Portuguese Water Dog was a very smart choice for the White House. Let’s see how the pet theme gift industry handles the opportunity to market the Portuguese Water Dog in it’s products. Portuguese Water Dog Plush Stuffed Animal Toy shown.

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