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Portuguese Water Dog Plush Stuffed Animal Toy is educational play fun

portuguese water dog plush stuffed animal toyJust a little over a year ago no one had heard of a Portuguese Water Dog. With President Obama receiving a Portuguese Water Dog puppy from Senator Kennedy the whole world no suddenly knows of the breed in a quick TV news education in dog breeds. To celebrate the new Portuguese Water Dog puppy named “Bo” in the White House many dog plush stuffed animal companies came out with their own toy version so everyone could enjoy this special breed. One plush company called Douglas Cuddle Toys produced a Portuguese Water Dog Plush Stuffed Animal which they called “Bo” The Presidential Dog. TY toys quickly ramped up production of 3 different sizes for their Portuguese Water Dog plush stuffed animals. Aurora also came up with their version of the Bo the Portuguese Water Dog Plush stuffed animal. Portuguese Water dogs are an adorable dog which is part of the sporting dog group and best of all they do not shed which is important if your residence is the White House. Dogs are wonderful because they love you no matter the circumstance. Dogs are always there to help on good days, bad days or even days when they are forgotten. Likewise the Portuguese Water Dog plush stuffed animals by Douglas, TY or Aurora are ready to provide the same unconditional love for anyone that wants to share in a little Presidential fun.

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