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Puffin Figurine Statues for bird lover home decor

Puffins also called Atlantic Puffins are often mistaken for penguins but they are not a penguin. Penguins are found only in the southern hemisphere and puffins are found on islands near the United Kingdom and eastern Canada. Puffins are noted for an unusual bird call- actually sound like cows. Puffins are fishers and enjoy the bounty that the ocean has to offer. Puffins are found on rocky habitats. They make their nests on rugged slopes. Puffins are black and white birds with large multi colored bills. Their bill are noted for their beautiful colors – oranges and yellows. This comical bird not only flies but swims as well. The Puffin Figurine Statue captures the beauty and unique characteristics of the Puffin bird. Puffin Figurine Statues make wonderful bird lover gifts for display on desks, mantles, shelves and end tables. In addition to the Puffin figurine statue there are also puffin plush stuffed animals, t shirts, and keychains for Puffin bird lovers.

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