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Puffin T Shirt and Sweatshirt are Made in the USA

Puffin T ShirtPuffins are a bird native to the northern cliffs of the Northern hemisphere. With their black and white coats and colorful beak Puffins resemble a combination of Penguins and Toucans. The new Puffin T Shirt features a trio of Puffins in their native rocky setting printed on comfortable 100% natural color cotton. Printed by Animal World the Puffin T Shirt is available in all childrens sizes as well as adult. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World Puffin Sweatshirts are also available upon request in youth and adult sizes for year round Puffin bird lover fashion fun. Much smaller than penguins Puffins share the same ability to handle cold, harsh foreboding environments and while Penguins find refuge on cold icy flats, the Puffins find safety in the almost vertical craggy cliffs surrounding many of the shores of the North Atlantic countries. Whereas Penguins walk and swim, Puffins fly and swim. Their proximity to water combined with their ability to swim makes them a natural for fishing on the bounty of the adjacent ocean sea water. The Puffin T Shirt or sweatshirt shows love for this special bird and can be worn to show bird pride. For students doing reports or projects on Puffins the Puffin T Shirt is a natural attire. For Teachers doing modules on the wildlife of the North Atlantic appropriate fashion is always a desired consideration to promote participation and interaction. For bird enthusiasts or bird counters the Puffin Sweatshirt could not only provide fashion but could also provide warmth for cold North Atlantic expeditions. The possible reasons for adding a Puffin T Shirt or Sweatshirt to a clothing line are numerous, best of all it is nice to know they exist and secondly it is even better to discover they are made in the USA. Puffin Gifts Store collectibles are hard to find so Puffin bird lovers will be adding the Puffin T Shirt to their collection of Puffin plush stuffed animals, figurines and toy miniatures.

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