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New Puffin Toy Miniature for bird animal toys educational play fun

puffin toy miniatureA new animal toy has made it’s debut for 2010 and it is the Puffin toy miniature bird. Looking like a penguin and also like a toucan the Puffin bird has it’s own unique place in the wildlife kingdom. With the bird sounds of a cow the Puffin Bird ekes out it’s existence on the precipice cliffs bordering the North Atlantic. The new Puffin Toy Miniature captures a realistic rendering of this beautiful bird. Made of durable plastic the new Puffin Bird Toy Miniature made by Safari meets all the stringent US and European safety standards for toys. The new Puffin Toy Miniature is perfect for school projects, dioramas, creative party artwork displays and business promotions. The best purpose for the Puffin Toy miniature as with all plastic animal toys is for learning play fun.

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