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Puffins – The Sea Parrot of the North

puffin stuffed animal plush toyAtlantic Puffins are the the comical “sea parrot” of the North Atlantic. Often called penguins they are in face not penguins. They are cousins to the penguin. Penguins are only found in wild in the southern hemisphere of the world. In contrast the Atlantic Puffin is only found in the North Atlantic. They are best known for their bright beaks. The Puffin Stuffed Animal Plush Toy from Animal World is one such bird. The bright clownish beak is beautifully depicted on this plush. The puffin plush would make a wonderful addition for the avid bird collector. Because of it’s unique appearance many people collect the rare puffin gift store items. Fun facts about the Atlantic Puffin they spend the winter exclusively out in the ocean. They only return to the land to breed. Iceland will have 60% of the Atlantic Puffin population during the breeding season of Spring and Summer. The female lays only one egg in a nest placed on the rocky side of a cliff. Both parents fed the young when it hatches. The bright colorful beak is only there during the breeding season. During the winter it is a dull gray. Mary at Animal World says “I just love the bright beak and sturdy build of the puffin plush stuffed animal. It is a great wildlife plush stuffed animal.” This puffin plush can be used in a diorama showing unusual birds of the north, or showing the difference between a puffin and a penguin.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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