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New Pug Crossing Sign for Dog Lovers at Animal World

pug crossing sign
Pug Crossing Sign

Pug Dog Lovers rejoice, there is a new Pug Crossing Sign now available for announcing to the world the presence of a lovable, yet menacing, and enchanting Pug. Made famous in the movie Men in Black as the sometimes partner Frank to Agent J Will Smith, Frank the Pug stole each scene in which he appeared. Whether singing “Who Let the Dogs Out” or helping Agent J inspect a crime scene Frank the Pug endeared himself to all with his gruff yet totally lovable personality. Anyone who owns or comes in contact with a real Pug must be forewarned that they are in the presence of a dog with hypnotic like endearing qualities similar to Frank the Pug. This warning can easily be achieved with utilization of the Pug Crossing sign. Whether displayed outside or inside the Pug Crossing Sign is ready to provide necessary warning to unsuspecting visitors that they are in the realm and domain of a semi ferocious and definitely extremely lovable Pug. Made in the USA of durable aluminum the Pug Crossing Signs measures 17″ high x 17″ wide in the traditional diamond caution style shape, with bright yellow background color and gorgeous full color Pug dog artwork. With a prepunched hole at the top the Pug Crossing Sign is ready for immediate use on a post, fence, tree, wall or door. Whether interpreted by unwary visitors as a legitimate dog crossing sign or by friends as a humorous announcement the Pug Crossing Sign is ready to handle it’s duties with complete commitment similar to the dedication to duty as exemplified by Frank the Pug in Men in Black.  

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Pug Gifts for Pug Dog Lovers

Pug dogs have become famous in movies like Men in Black II where a Pug becomes an agent and helps save the world. In real life Pug dogs make Pug dog owners into dog collectible enthusiasts. Maybe it is the Pug’s face, or maybe the snoring some Pug’s are known for when sleeping but whatever the reason Pug dog owners love collecting gifts that make owning a Pug more fun. There is a wide range of Pug lover gifts for Pug lovers of fawn Pugs and black Pugs. Pug gifts include throw blankets, plush stuffed animals, Sandicast figurines, t shirts, sweatshirts, crossing signs, cookie jars, doormats, mousepads, picture frames, calendars, mugs, keychains, plates, shot glasses, flags, umbrellas, desk sets, tea sets and coasters. The Pug throw blanket shown is made in the USA.

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