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Pug Sweatshirts for Pug Dog Lovers

Pug SweatshirtWhen it comes to dog lovers it is hard to find a more enthusiastic dog breed enthusiasts than Pug dog owners. The new Pug Sweatshirt by Animal World is sure to fill the needs of Pug dog lovers who want to experience the wonderful world outdoors during the cool weather of Fall and cold weather of Winter. Whether taking the Pug for a walk in the woods, at a park in the mountains or by the beach Pug dog lovers can now have fashion fun with the Pug Sweatshirt in sizes for children through adults. Made in the USA by Animal World the Pug Sweatshirt features a full color fawn Pug dog on the front with breed name and 2 pawprints. The left sleeve similarly has a smaller print of the fawn Pug with breed name and 2 pawprints. The opposite sleeve features 3 pawprints placed so it appears the Pug dog has walked all over the dog lover which is physically and emotionally correct. Pugs have a certain charm which when it grabs your heart, the dog lover is smitten for life. The new Pug sweatshirt is the newest addition to an ever growing line of Pug Gifts Store items including Pug blanket throw tapestry, t shirt, plush stuffed animals, figurines, crossing sign, mousepad, doormat, bell, shot glass, plate and pin. With the new Pug Sweatshirt, Pug dog owner enthusiasts can now enjoy year round dog lover fashion fun.

New Pug Sweatshirt and T Shirt for dog lover fashion fun

pug sweatshirtThe new Pug sweatshirt is now available for year round fashion along with the Pug T shirt. Printed in the USA the Pug Sweatshirt features a large print on the front, a similar smaller print on one sleeve and 3 paw prints on the other sleeve. The Pug T shirt is also printed in the USA by Animal World with a large print on the front, small print on the sleeve and two paw prints on the opposite sleeve. Pugs are an energetic breed filled with personality and Pug dog lovers share in this enthusiasm for family fun. The Pug T Shirt and sweatshirt allow dog owners to show pride in the pug breed. While wearing the Pug t shirt or sweatshirt you are also helping to educate the public about this lovable and adorable dog breed. Pug dog lovers come in all ages and sizes therefore both the Pug T Shirt and the Pug Sweatshirt come in all sizes from small children to the largest adults. Pugs not only are a pet they become a member of the family. Likewise a fun dog fashion combination is to get a t shirt or sweatshirt for an adult and a child that can be worn together when they walk the family pug. pug t shirtChildren especially like to wear similar clothes as their parents because it helps make them feel adult. The Pug Sweatshirt and t shirt are perfect gift ideas for families but they can also be useful in Pug dog clubs, Pug Rescues and fund raisers. Pug dog clubs are always looking for ways to promote unity and togetherness. The Pug T shirt or sweatshirt could be customized with the dogs name or club name to make them special. A Pug Rescue Organization may use the Pug t shirts or Pug Sweatshirts to help raise money to take care of foster Pug dogs waiting for a home. Animal World prints the t shirts in the USA on 100% cotton natural color t shirts and high cotton blend sweatshirts. Best of all the new Pug Sweatshirt or T Shirt make having a family pet like a pug more fun while setting a new trend for fashion.

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