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Celebrate Buggs Bunnies 70th Birthday with Rabbit Plush Stuffed Animals

silver rabbit plush stuffed animal hopeToday July 27, 2010 marks the lovable cartoon character Buggs Bunnies 70th birthday. According to Donna Terrell at Starpulse Buggs Bunny made his Cartoon Debut 70 years ago today, so today you can help celebrate his birthday with Rabbit plush stuffed animals. For the real Buggs Bunny Plush Stuffed Animal you will need to go to your local Disney store or online outlet, but, if you want to use your own imagination and creativity you will want your own unique more natural looking rabbit stuffed animal toy like the silver and white Rabbit Plush Stuffed Animal called Hope by Aurora available at Animal World. Rabbit plush stuffed animals come in wide variety of possible colors like gold, white, black or silver and can be lop earred, classic, domestic or wild. The best feature of these plush stuffed animal rabbit toys as with all stuffed animal toys is there is no danger as would be inherent with real animals. In addition, these rabbit plush stuffed animal toys never need feeding, trips to the vet, cleaning and best of all you can leave them without that feeling of guilt. All they do require is the love, attention, imagination of anyone that loves soft plush adorable rabbit stuffed animal toys. With just a little love and creativity children or adults can make up their own adventures just like the cartoons depicting Buggs Bunny. So when you look back on the past 70 years thank the creators of Buggs Bunny for all the fun and laughs we have enjoyed and if you are looking to start your own tradition bring one of the Rabbit Plush Stuffed Animal toys to life with your own set of wacky and wonderful adventures.

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