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Tortoise and Hare Animal Puppets Story Time Fun

One of the most endearing of all stories is the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. Not only is it an amazing story that captures the hearts of everyone that read it or listens to it, the story is most famous for it’s morale. Since reading the story to children is the most popular way to become acquainted or reacquainted with the story a way to bring it to full life is with animal puppets.Obviously the main characters could be played by a tortoise turtle puppet. Likewise, the other main character could be brought life with a rabbit puppet or hare puppet. Other characters could also be brought in as needed throughout the story. A teacher would be the logical choice for handling the turtle puppet and rabbit puppet; however, children could be enlisted to get involved as well. With each part of the story the situation changes to where at the end the tortoise wins the race and the morale of the story is set forever in everyone’s mind. For this reason the Turtle Puppet at Animal World shown above perfectly embodies the morale of the story “slow but steady wins the race”. With it’s head down and it’s feet in slow but constant motion the goal is achieved and the finish line is crossed first. In contrast the rabbit or hare at Animal World shown below epitomizes hesitation and more importantly overconfidence. Obviously the hare is fast, quick and able to run absolute circles around the slower turtle. What the jackrabbit or hare lacks is focus, determination, will to see the job through and most important finishing. The Jackrabbit or Turtle puppets shown embodies those looks or personality without much input. Therefore, when these great looking animal puppets come to life with their animator, so does the story in real life. Since different people could be involved as puppeteers the story could actually take on new chapters not explored in the original story. But just like a song that is being covered a story can does not have to follow the melody exactly it can be adjusted to fit new more contemporary life. Animal Puppets are great fun and work well as for interactive natural learning play fun activities as well as brought to life story time adventures. 

Copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Photos by Folkmanis Puppets

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