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Raccoon Puppets are animal puppets wildlife fun

Most of us have seen raccoons in the neighborhood or out camping. Raccoons are lovable looking animals with their signature ring tails and bandit eyed mask, but it is not advisable to make close contact with raccoons. Unfortunately raccoons can be a source of rabies and raccoons should be left alone as they are wild animals. Fortunately you can get close to raccoons if you really want to with Raccoon puppet plush animals. Raccoon puppets like the ones pictured are very realistic looking and with your personality you can bring them to life. Through easy animation of the head, front paws, and even the bushy tail it is amazing how lifelike the Raccoon puppet can behave. Just think of the creativity and imagination a child can bring to their own large Raccoon puppet like the one pictured above. With the Raccoon in trashcan puppet shown below the child can make the Raccoon pop out of the trashcan or hide inside. The large Raccoon offers life size head, body and tail for jumbo sized animal puppet fun. Teachers can make great use of Raccoon puppets in their classroom. Story time is always a favorite time for young students. Imagine how much more fun story time can become with the use of the Raccoon in Trashcan or large Raccoon puppet. There are even Raccoon finger puppets for little children. Imagine their faces lighting up when they put their finger into the Raccoon finger puppet and with a simple wiggle the mini Raccoon comes to life. Students usually amaze even themselves at how easy handling a puppet can really be and how they really can bring the Raccoon puppet to life. A lot of the credit also belongs to Folkmanis for doing such an incredible job not only with their raccoon puppets but all their animal puppets. All wildlife animal puppets can offer similar opportunities for story time, classrooms, and individual play fun. For wildlife demonstrations a Raccoon puppet might also be a wise choice over a real raccoon. For entertainers they might wish to work a raccoon puppet into their act. The Raccoon in Trashcan puppet might work especially well in this situation. Raccoons might even work their way into commercials and a raccoon puppet might be just the way to capture customers attention. Whatever the need and whatever the reason Raccoon puppets can bring a lot of fun and education and are truly wildlife puppet fun.

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