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Affenpinscher Gifts for Westminster Winning Dog Breed are Scarce

affenpinscher keychain pewter
Affenpinscher Keychain Pewter

The latest winner of the Westminster Kennel Club is the Affenpinscher dog breed. With that statement in the news most people are left with the comment and would say an Affen what won what? To repeat, yes the Affenpinscher dog breed a dog named “Banana Joe” just won the Westminster Dog Show in New York City at Madison Square Garden. With this new found notoriety from the big win will come the usual interest in the dog breed along with a peak for searching and clamoring for Affenpinscher Gift Colletibles. This recent turn of events in the Affenpinscher situation, however, presents a new problem for Affenpinscher dog lovers. The dog lover gift selection for the Affenpinscher does not even exist to a large extent. According to dog theme gifts specialist Cookie at Animal World the only production item available for Affenpinscher dog lovers is the Affenpinscher Keychain. Made originally by Rawcliffe the Affenpinscher dog keychain is made of pewter featuring the dog face on one side, I heart Affenpinschers on the other side and a key ring with chain. The Affenpinscher dog keychain unfortunately is no longer made according to Nickie at Animal World and their stock is limited to keychains on hand. There are custom made Affenpinscher gift items out in the market. The best place to find these specialized custom made Affenpinscher gifts would most likely be at a dog shows such as Westminster. Of course a few opportunity seekers may produce a limited edition Affenpinscher T Shirt to try to take advantage of its recent popularity because of its win at Westminster. After watching highlights of the Westminster Dog Show it is very evident that the Affenpinscher was one of the highlights and its win is well deserved. One of the best results of this new acclaim is the education and enlightenment it provides to not only the dog show community but also to dog lovers around the world. The Affenpinscher Dog Breed is now famous like no other time in the dogs history, bravo.


Dog Keychains for Dog Breed Lover Driving Fun

English Springer Spaniel Keychain Silver

English Springer Spaniel Keychain Silver

Dalmatian Keychain Pewter USA

Dalmatian Keychain Pewter USA

Dog Keychains combine two favorite activities, the love of a good dog and driving cars. Animal World features a wide range of dog keychains from Afghan Hound to Yorkshire Terrier. Featuring pewter dog keychains by Rawcliffe and Silver Keychains the Dog Keychains are perfect for helping with organizing all your house and car keys in one fun keyring or keychain. The Pewter Dog Keychains by Rawcliffe were proudly made in the USA, unfortunately production has discontinued and they are only available from stock on hand from specialty online dog theme retailers like Animal World. The Silver Dog Keychains also feature the dog breed and also have a separate oval area for personalization with a name. Whichever Dog Keychain Keyring is chosen the dog lover is able to bring their love for their dog and dog breed with them whenever they go out for a drive.

Dog Keychains Pewter for dog lover gift driving fun

samoyed dog keychain pewterEveryone loves dogs and cars. When you combine the two you get pewter dog keychains by Rawcliffe sold by dog specialty retail online stores like Animal World. Featuring the face on one side and “I (heart) dog breed engraved on the other side the pewter dog keychains are the perfect gift for any dog lover. Available in most popular dog breeds the pewter dog keychains are also available in hard to find dog breeds like Samoyed, Smooth Hair Fox Terrier, Bedlington Terrier, Pharaoh Hound, Spitz and Manchester Terrier. The dog keychains come with a keyring and chain attached to the dog face medallion like main part. For people who are just beginning to drive the dog keychain makes a thoughtful gift. Similarly for anyone who needs a birthday, office or especially for Christmas gift idea the dog keychains make a great idea for any dog breed lover. Since the dog keychains are dog breed specific rescues specializing in specific breeds like Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Yorkshire Terrier, Beagle or Boston Terrier they can be used to raise money during fund raisers. Clubs and organizations can also make the Pewter Dog Keychains available to all members as part of the joining celebration gifts. Whatever the use the pewter dog keychains will always be a staple gift for any dog breed lover.

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