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Red Miniture Pinscher Figurine for Realistic Dog Lover Home Decor

red miniature pinscher figurine statue
Red Miniature Pinscher Figurine Statue

Miniature Pinschers resemble small Doberman Pinschers only smaller, hence the name. Although normally seen in the traditional black with gold highlights there are also Red Miniture Pinschers. Capturing this gorgeous canine in stone is the Red Miniature Pinscher Figurine Statue. Made by Sandicast and offered online by dog figurine statue specialist Animal World this Red Miniature Pinscher Figurine Statue is amazingly realistic and offers an second look realism that is absolutely uncanny. From the lifelike glass eyes to the detail of ears, muscle tone, bone structure and pose the Red Miniature Pinscher Figurine Statue.  Measuring 11″ long x 8″ high x 4.25″ wide the Red Min Pin Figurine Statue makes the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, office gifts or any dog lover.

Red Miniature Pinscher Figurine Statue Article by Steve Forrest

Sandicast Animal Figurine Statue Product Line Streamlined

red miniature pinscher sandicast figurine statue
Red Miniature Pinscher Sandicast Figurine Statue

As the economy continues to wander many Animal Figurines companies continue to drop statues that are slow sellers. This allows animal, dog and cat figurines companies such as Sandicast the opportunity to concentrate on their best most profitable animal figurines. According to Mary at Animal World “We have also seen the Dog Sandicast Figurine Statues adapting to the ever changing retail environment with the packaging which protects and displays the smaller animal figurines in an more merchantable situation.” This is in contrast to the traditional way of displaying Sandicast statue figurines retailers utilized in the past, displaying them raw so to speak directly on an appropriate eye level shelf. Currently the Sandicast Figurine Statue Product Line continues to streamline it’s product offering with profitable more contemporary packaged animal figurines statues being the selected presentation method for future retail trends. As with all business the ultimate test is to survive and Sandicast continues to survive. With the demise of popular animal figurine companies like Stone Critters, The Herd, Charming Tails and Livingstone, Sandicast remains as the only survivor from the most popular animal figurine statue brand names of the 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s. For collector this streamlining of product line is an excellent opportunity to collect limited editions for future value. A perfect example of this would be the Red Miniature Pinscher Sandicast Figurine Statue shown above.

Copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Photo by Sandicast Figurine Statues

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