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To celebrate the month of April and as a thank you to loyal returning customers Animal World offers it’s monthly coupon code. The Coupon Code for the month of April allowing return customers 10% off on their total purchase of any of the complete line of animal and pet theme gifts is “red panda”. Looking like a raccoon but with a reddish brown and dark brown colors, bandit looking face and ring tail. Red Panda Gift Store lovers can enjoy 4 different styles of Red Panda Plush Stuffed Animals and a Red Panda Toy Miniature. * Native to the Eastern Himalayas and Southern China they eat bamboo but are also know to eat a variety of eggs, small animals and insects. They prefer the darkness of night time for food gathering activities. Red Pandas are a treasure, however, with their natural habitat being reduced their numbers in the wild continue to dwindle and the trend continues downward. As a distant relative the much larger black and white panda it is important that Red Panda awareness result in their future protection and preservation. Educators can utilize the Red Panda Plush Stuffed Animal and Red Panda Toy Miniature in school to make eduction more fun and allowing children the opportunity to view a Red Panda in three dimension. Decorators can easily create imaginative eye catching Red Panda displays or dioramas. For exotic animal lovers the Red Panda is a favorite and best of all it is universal so it can be enjoyed by all for soft play fun.

* Wikipedia Red Panda

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