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reindeer toy miniatureTo celebrate the Christmas Holidays, Santa Claus and his famous sleigh our coupon code for the month of December is “Reindeer” after his magical flying propulsion system. Reindeer may seem mythical since for Santa Claus they are known to fly however Reindeer actually exist and are known for their beautiful raked back antlers rack. Shown is the Reindeer Toy Miniature by Safari which shows superb realism for educational play fun. For decorators trying to create Santa Claus sleigh with 8 reindeer the Reindeer toy miniatures help create a perfect presentation. Teachers can help students in classrooms understand and see what a real reindeer looks like versus the cartoon variation seen in Christmas specials and children’s coloring books. Reindeer are native to barren and forbidden tundra lands of the far north Arctic. Found in small herds of tens to up to huge groupings thousands the Reindeer are a grazing animal therefore are constantly on the move searching for ample foods in areas of natural scarcity.Whether for education, decorating or school projects the best use for the Reindeer toy miniature is simple creative, imaginative play fun. The Animal World coupon code for December captures this beautiful animal and helps everyone understand the beautiful role Reindeer play in our North American wildlife circle of life.

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