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Nature Sounds CDs for Relaxing

lake at sunset nature sounds cd

Lake at Sunset Nature Sounds CD

Top 5 Nature Sound CDs for Relaxing Comfort

Every day we await the opportunity to just relax. A good way to get a head start on this long awaited feeling is with relaxing soothing Nature Sound CDs. The relaxing rejuvenating sounds of the ocean beach, song birds,  a gentle rain, the jungle or a mountain stream are all available with the  Sounds CD collection from animal and pet theme gift specialist Animal World. With each Nature Sounds CD lasting between 55 minutes to an hour it is easy to be swept away with the natural sounds of far away places simply by closing one’s eyes. According to Mary at Animal World the most popular Nature Sounds CD is Surf Sounds or Seagulls with Surf. Both of these Nature Sound CDs transport you magically to everyone’s favorite place to relax, the beach. According to Steve at Animal World the feature that makes the Nature Sounds CDs so popular is all the sounds are natural, no guitars, no piano, no violin and thankfully no voices. All offer simply the natural sounds of nature to maximize relaxation and best of all take you if only in your imagination to some of your favorite places. Number 2 on the list of favorite Nature Sounds CDs is Songbird. So often masked by the noises of everyday activity when given the opportunity to hear just the sounds of birds it is amazing how musical and mesmerizing their song. Number 3 on the list is the Jungle. No one wants to be alone in a jungle but listening to the Jungle Nature Sounds CD is safe, educational, relaxing and fun.

Nature Sound CDs top 5

  1. Surf Song
  2. Bird Song
  3. Rainforest The Jungle
  4. Summer Storm
  5. Lake at Sunset

Article and Photos by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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