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Rhino Crossing Sign protects us from Rhinos of all kinds

Rhino Crossing Sign

Animal Crossing Signs specialist Animal World is currently welcoming a new full color Rhino Crossing Sign to it’s already extensive line of animal signs for outdoor safety or indoor home decor. Featuring a full color Rhino in it’s classic semi charging yet always menacing pose the Rhino Crossing Sign has two prepunched holes for ease in hanging on a wall, fence, tree or post. Zoos and wildlife habitats for Rhinos in most parts of the world provide excellent locations for safety use of the outdoor Rhino crossing signs. For indoor Rhino Gift Store memorabilia collectors the Rhino Crossing Sign is an appropriate way to warn house visitors to the presence of a Rhino lover shrine or lair. As with most products the usefulness of the Rhino Crossing Sign is not limited to simply animal safety or animal lover fun. As we all know there are people masquerading as animals many of whom have the personality of a rhino. You know the type, hard charging, get out of the way, I am in charge with no holds barred, For these people with Rhino type personalities amongst us the Rhino Crossing Sign can announce for all of us around the need to give this person a wide berth for safety. Of course placement of a Rhino Crossing Sign in this type of situation whether in an office or warehouse setting is done in good humor and as a type of hard love endearment. People with rhino style personalities are proud of that trait. For this reason they would want to embellish their strength, strong will and fierceness on everyone in their domain by strategic placement of the rhino crossing sign on a door leading into their office, the office itself or on back wall of the person’s individual office. All of these locations for the Rhino Crossing Sign would warn others that the resident rhino is no one to be trifled with and that they are on the home team’s turf. So whether you are protecting real life Rhinos, announcing a rhino lovers lair or to protect everyone from the dangers of people who act like rhinos the Rhino Crossing Sign is up to the job.

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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