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Rooster Chicken Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan – Country Home Decor

chicken rooster throw blanket tapestry afghan
Rooster Chicken Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan

One of the most popular themes for home decor is a country theme and nothing says country like chickens and roosters. To achieve this goal one need to simply use the Rooster Chicken Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan to create immediate country lover home decor. Since county home decor is a reflection of life in America it is only logical the the Rooster Chicken Throw Blanket Tapestry Afghan is made in the USA on production looms in North Carolina and South Carolina. Offered online by animal throw blanket specialist Animal World this Rooster Chicken blanket throw tapestry is a product of pure country and measures a wall covering 68″ high x 51″ wide. Whether laid across a sofa, chair, bed or framed and hung on a wall like a tapestry this Rooster Chicken throw blanket offers gorgeous warm colors in red, yellow, orange, brown, white and black. Made of 3 ply 100% comfortable cotton this Rooster blanket throw tapestry is fully functional for warmth on a cold day while watching TV, reading a book, taking a nap or just snuggle up fun. For complementary country theme gifts a good source is the Rooster Gifts Store and Chicken Gifts Store at Animal World. There country home decor lovers can find rooster chicken themed crossing signs, plush stuffed animal, toy miniature, figurine statue, puppet and necktie.  Online consumers can also find the Rooster Throw Blanket on Animal World Online.

Rooster Chicken Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan Article written by Steve Forrest

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