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Chicken Toys and Rooster toys for farm animal toys educational play fun

chicken toy hen with chick
During the 1800′ s most people in the USA lived on farms but during the 1900’s the majority of people moved to the cities. Although this became true it is still hard to take the love of a farm out of people and when people think of farms they think of chickens. For this reason when schools study farm life chicken toys become an important part of any farm diorama or school presentation. There are 3 choices of chicken toys for farm school dioramas including the chicken hen with single chick, rooster toys chicken, and chicken toy hen with 3 chicks. With these 3 choices you can create a simple scene with a single chicken, or add the rooster to make a family. With foreground and background farm settings you can add the chicken toy hen with chicks or use it by itself. rooster toyAll of them are excellent learning tools for all students learning about life on the farm. Of course farms are famous for roosters crowing in the morning to mark the start of a new day. With that in mind you could position the Rooster on a post, on a shed or on a roof. All chicken and rooster toys as with all animal toys miniatures produced from sources listed meet all US and European standards for toy safety. The incredible feature of the farm animal toys is the realistic detail from which education can be derived through use and display. Of course the Chicken toys and Rooster toys can be used for play farm animal toy fun. chicken toy hen with chicksThis play fun allows the child’s creativity and imagination to develop. Children can make up stories, give names and create farm make believe situations all of which are wonderful play fun.

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