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Saint Bernard Plush Stuffed Animals are super soft dog lover fun

saint bernard plush stuffed animal yodelsSaint Bernard Plush Stuffed Animals are super soft and lovable play fun. TY stuffed animals makes the Saint Bernard in 3 different sizes, a small, regular size and a super size. The smallest Saint Bernard made by TY is called Yodeler, the regular sized one is called Yodels and the largest TY Saint Bernard Plush stuffed animal is called Yodel. Yodels the medium sized Saint Bernard is shown left top, then the largest size Yodel and smallest size Yodeler are shown middle left. The nicest feature of the TY Saint Bernard is the ultra soft plush. Truly soft to the touch the plush used by TY for Yodel, Yodels and Yodeler is over an inch thick and your hand melts deeply into it without effort. The only drawback to this ultra soft plush is it is more fragile than a more standard material. large saint bernard plush stuffed animals yodel and yodelerRuss Berrie also makes 2 beautiful Saint Bernard Plush stuffed animals in the Classic line. The Russ Berrie Saint Bernard Classics are shown in the pictures below. Made in a more standard modern plush material the Russ Berrie Saint Bernards will last much longer and take a lot more loving than the TY models. So it really is the customers choice, if they want the ultra soft Saint Bernard by TY but if long wearing and lovability is the goal the Russ Berrie Saint Bernard should be chosen. The Saint Bernard classic comes in a small and a regular sizes. Never before in the history of dog stuffed animals has there been such an excellent selection of Saint Bernards. saint bernard plush stuffed animal russ berrie classic For Saint Bernard dog lovers the Saint Bernard plush stuffed animals are perfect for home dec or, as a substitute for pets and for children that are not allowed to have dogs. The name Yodel, Yodels and Yodeler is historical in origin as Saint Bernard dogs became famous for finding and saving stranded hunters, hikers, and campers caught in winter snowstorms. Now Saint Bernard plush stuffed animals can provide comfort and love for dog lover on birthdays, as office gifts, for college students, military away from home, elderly, patients in hospitals and of course dog lovers of all ages looking for soft, lovable friendly fun. saint bernard plush stuffed animal russ berrie small classicSaint Bernard plush are just one example of the ever expanding line of beautiful dog plush stuffed animals in most AKC dog breeds.

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