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Mountain Goat Toy Miniature offers hands on Education

mountain goat toy miniatureMost everyone is familiar with goats you may see on a farm, however, most are not familiar with the Mountain Goat. With the Mountain Goat Toy Miniature it is not necessary to search hard to get to mountains in order to spot a faraway well camouflaged animal. With the realistic Mountain Goat Toy Miniature it is easy to study and analyze it’s white coat, husky body features and most important it’s longer curved black horns. The most striking difference between the Mountain Goat and the familiar farm goat the thicker white goat and the stronger looking black horns. These are shown in perfect detail on the Mountain Toy Miniature. Made of PVC plastic by Safari Toys the Mountain Goat Toy Miniature is perfect for education, animal toy dioramas and realistic displays depicting life. For imaginative children the Mountain Toy Miniature is excellent for imagination, creativity and learning play fun. All Safari animal toys are produced meeting all USA and European standards for toy safety.

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