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Flying Fish Plastic Animal Toy Miniature Replica Introduces Educational Play Fun

flying fish toy miniature replica
Flying Fish Toy Miniature Replica at Animal World

With the addition of the new Flying Fish Toy Miniature Replica to their already extensive line of plastic animal toys Animal World is now for the first time in history offering a Flying Fish toy figurine. Offering amazing realistic detail and colors the Flying Fish Toy Minature measures an easy to handle 7″ wide x 5″ long x 2″ high. As with all plastic animal toys the Flying Fish Toy Miniature Replica is designed for children ages 3 and up. It is made and produced lead free and has been thoroughly safety tested by Safari Toys. For anyone who has been on a cruise in the Caribbean witnessing Flying Fish literally skimming across the surface of the ocean is an awe inspiring and entertaining sight. Study of the Flying Fish Toy Miniature Replica offers as easy enlightenment as this ability versus the normal swimming motion demonstrated by most fish. It may also make one wonder if in some way fish and birds have a closer relationship.

Flying Fish Toy Miniature Article by Steve Forrest 

Flying Fish Toy Miniature Photography by Safari Toys

Llama Toy Miniatures learning play fun at Animal World

llama toy miniature
Llama Toy Miniature @

America may not have camels; however, the very similar Llamas are very predominant across the USA. Usually found on Farms and raised for their wool and milk Llamas have become very popular. With this popularity has come the need to provide llama animal toy miniatures to satisfy the needs of Llama lovers who cannot have their own real llamas. Made by Safari Toys and featured online by animal toy miniatures specialist Animal World the new Llama toy miniature are very realistic. Designed for children’s small hands, the Llama toy miniatures most popular use is for interactive, imaginative, learning play fun. Smart Teachers will also recognize the education possibilities of the llama toy miniatures. With the Llama toys a teacher can point to various features of a llama without the dangers or problems dealing with a real llama. In a similar vein, students can examine up close in miniature the same details made note of by the teacher turning it on it’s side or even upside down all in complete safety. These same maneuvers would be impossible with a real llama but are done effortlessly with the Llama toy miniature. For students wishing to create a farm animal display or diorama can easily incorporate the Llama toy miniature in pens or roaming free in a more pastoral setting. Businesses that endorse products from Llamas such as their wool or their milk could use the Llama toy miniatures as a gift to clients or potential future customers. Animal toy miniatures today have broadened their reach from it’s historical use as simply a child’s toy to educational use in the classroom, to the boardroom where they are an inspiration to marketing the animal to current business clients and future businesses.

Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Photo by Safari Toys

Collie Toy Dog Figurines is Educational Imaginary Play Fun

Collie Toy Dog Figurine MiniSince the early days of TV with shows like Lassie everyone has been able to recognize the beautiful Collie dog breed. Obviously with the exposure and glamor that comes with a hit TV show of Lassie’s caliber comes demand by children as well as adults for having a Collie as a family pet. Dog pet ownership obviously is a huge commitment of time, love, monetary resources and facility to handle a large active dog breed. For these reasons not everyone qualifies for taking care of the Collie dog breed no matter how much their heart desires one as a family pet. In contrast everyone qualifies for ownership of the Collie Toy Dog Figurine and Collie Puppy by Safari Toys. Collie Puppy Toy Dog Figurine MiniAvailable online by specialty animal and pet theme gift retailers like Animal World the adult Collie Toy Figurine Miniature is shown with it’s gorgeous flowing golden, brown, white coat and featuring an attentive ready to work pose. Similarly the Collie Puppy Toy Figurine Miniature features the youthful eagerness pose of a naive but ready to learn adolescent while still possessing the beautiful colors, coat and lines of the Collie dog breed. Purchases together or in pairs dog lovers can use their imagination to create stories about the Collie dog family. Play time could include as an example the Collie puppy toy miniatures using their curiosity to venture out on imaginary adventures and when danger or trouble arises the adult Collie Toy Dog Figurine Miniatures can come to the rescue. Since the collie toy dog figurines are play toys when play time is over they can simply go on a shelf or best of all they can just as easily go into a pocket or backpack for portable fun on demand. In addition to the Collie toy dog figurines other dog toy miniatures in Black Lab, Border Collie, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Rottweiler, Welsh Corgi, Yellow Lab are available so a whole neighborhood pack of dogs can provide hours of imaginary, creative play fun. Christmas is always a popular time for toys and dogs. The Collie toy dog figurines might just make this Christmas special by providing that long awaited puppy under the tree for dog lovers for whom real dog ownership is not a realistic alternative.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

New Life Cycle Monarch Butterfly Toy Miniature

Life Cycle Monarch Butterfly Toy MiniatureStudents are often asked in Science class to show the life stages of butterflies. The new Life Cycle Monarch Butterfly Toy Miniature shows all the stages from the larvae and eggs on the leaf, to the colorful caterpillar, to the chrysalis and finally the full size beautiful Monarch Butterfly. Each life cycle stage of the Monarch Butterfly Toy Miniature is has detailed realistic realism unavailable in animal toy miniatures until this release. With the Life Cycle Monarch Butterfly Toy Miniature educators, students and teachers can examine the details and intricacies of each stage without damaging real Monarch butterflies. This way real Monarch Butterflies can develop from stage to stage without interference the way nature intended. The new Life Cycle Monarch Butterfly Toy Miniature joins the Honey Bee and Frog Life Cycle toy miniatures. Made of durable PVC plastic by Safari Toys the Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle Toy Miniature meets all American and European standards for toy safety. Marketed by Animal World the Life Cycle Monarch Butterfly Toy Miniature joins other Butterfly Gifts Store items like the blanket throw tapestry, pillow, t shirt, hat, necktie, coasters, crossing sign, earrings, pin, candles, mug and keychain. The Life Cycle Monarch Butterfly Toy Miniature like all animal toy miniatures offer inexpensive high quality for students, teachers, educators as well as home school boys and girls.

Blue Ice Dragon Toy Miniature is Mythical Dragons Figurine Statues Fun

Blue Ice Dragon Toy Miniature

Blue Ice Dragon Toy Miniature

The newest addition to the Dragon Toy Miniatures line of mythical dragons is the Blue Ice Dragon.  Featuring incredible detailed wings, legs, tail, neck and imposing dragon mouth the Blue Ice Dragon Toy Miniature is amazing. Upon closer inspection it almost appears as if the Blue Ice Dragon Toy Miniature is  made of not plastic but of real blue ice. Steve Forrest at Animal World which features the Safari Toys Line of dragon toy miniatures is amazed. “The unbelievable effort made in making sure no detail is too small to be overlooked or omitted is a true testament to the commitment by Safari Toys on the Blue Ice Dragon Toy Miniature and we are proud to offer it to Dragon Gifts Store enthusiasts.”  In the mythical world of dragons and ice it is easy to imagine a dangerous encounter with the Blue Ice Dragon. Will you become the Blue Ice Dragons enemy or are you smart enough to win it over and enlist it as a powerful ally against other mythical dangers. The Blue Ice Dragon is the thirteenth in an ever expanding line of dragon toy miniatures which already includes a green, red, green forest, blue sea, purple, mountain, krystal  purple Chinese. red Chinese, gold 4 headed, fire and Chimera Dragon. For Dragon Gifts store collectors there has never been a better time to create a stellar collection of dragon toy miniature figurine statues.

New Chimera DragonToy Miniature has 3 heads

Chimera Dragon Toy Miniature Three Headed

Chimera Dragon Toy Miniature Three Headed

There are Dragons and then there is the Chimera Dragon Toy Miniture with 3 heads, one a Lion, one a Goat and the third a Dragon. Add to that the Chimera features the wings of a dragon, the tail of a serpent with a snake head, the back legs of a lion and the front legs of a goat or dragon depending on the goat or dragon side of the Chimera. Griffins combine two animals but the Chimera is the combination of 4 animals, the goat, lion, dragon and snake. Dragons are mythical of course however, you would not want to meet a Chimera under any circumstance including your imagination or your middle of the night bad dreams. In a word meeting a real Chimera or just a mythical or imaginary Chimera would be “scary”. Sneaking up on a Chimera you would encounter a lethal snake, from the front a lion, the left side a dragon and even on the right side an ornery goat. With the legs of a lion you know the mythical Chimera was fast enough to catch you and with the wings of a dragon it could also fly.  The new Chimera Dragon Toy Miniature is just the latest in a series of amazing dragon toy miniatures released by Safari Toys and featured by Animal World. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World ” The Dragon Toy Miniatures from Safari Toys continue to stretch the limits of not only creativity but also new boundaries in manufacturing. We are proud to offer such an intricately detailed animal toy miniatures which help make story telling, learning and play more fun”.

New Animal Toy Mini Good Luck Miniatures Popularity Grows

bumble bee toy mini good luck miniature plasticUsing plastic animal toy miniatures for school projects is not a novel idea, however, having tiny plastic animal toy miniatures is a new idea. With the new animal mini good luck miniatures featured by Animal World larger panoramic dioramas are possible. Instead of showing one animal the new animal toy mini good luck miniatures by Safari toys allows students, displays and educators the opportunity to show a whole herd of animals at an inexpensive. Like small ho scale trains allowed greater detail in display, the new animal mini good luck allow more elaborate, intricate and accurate detailed animal display. This is possible not only because of the animal mini good luck miniatures small size but also because their detailed realistic look. Some of the animal toy miniatures are actually life size as opposed to miniaturized like the ants and the bumble bee toy mini good luck miniatures shown. For situations where a realistic size insect is needed for costumes, TV or movies scenes the ants and bees are the perfect solution. So many detailed scenes are possible from ocean or lake scenes with frogs Turtles, Sharks, Dolphins, Orcas, Starfish, Penguins, Hermit Crabs or Clownfish to Jungle or  Safari scenes with elephants, rhinos, hippos, alligators, okapi, lions, tigers, giraffes, gorillas or panthers to farm scenes with cows, horses, pigs, mice or bats to North American with wolves, bears, buffaloes, polar bears to more insects like ladybugs, butterflies to Mythical dragons or Prehistoric T Rex dinosaurs. As with everything today miniaturization equals more possibilities, this also holds true for animal toy miniatures. pig toy mini good luck miniature

New Indian Rhino Toy Miniature offers absolute realism

indian rhino toy miniature replica

Indian Rhino Toy Miniature Replica

The new Indian Rhino Toy Miniature offers absolute realism never seen before in figurines. With the special ability to manufacture in durable PVC Safari Toys has been able to recreate animal toy miniatures in an ever increasing detail that has not been attainable in any other form. This has never been more evident than with the new Indian Rhino Toy Miniature. From the Rhino armor to the muscle tone, to the legs and last to the incredible detail of the face, horns and ears. For Rhino enthusiasts who realize there are many species the Indian Rhino Toy Miniature is a confirmation of their knowledge and acknowledgment that their favorite animal is finally receiving it’s  long deserved recognition. In addition for Rhino Gifts Store lovers who already possess rhino figurines, plush stuffed animals, earrings, toy miniatures, crossing signs and t shirts the Indian Rhino toy miniature will be an exciting addition to their collection. For educators the Indian Rhino Toy Miniature will allow students to understand that their are many varieties of rhino and the characteristics that make each special or different. Since the Indian Rhino Toy Miniature like all animal toy miniatures are made of durable, unbreakable PVC,  students can learn about animals without worrying about breaking about dropping and damaging these realistic replicas. For school projects about Rhinos the Indian Rhino Toy Miniature will work well with other Rhino Toy Miniatures for Animal displays or dioramas. Decorators will also love the chance to work with a new even more realistic looking rhino especially if it can be noted that this is a replica of the the Indian Rhino.  Animal Toy Miniatures are amazing in their ability to open up minds of all ages. With the new Rhino Toy Miniature featured at  Animal World everyone has easy access to this beautiful toy replica offering absolute realism.

New Llama Toy Miniature to the Animal Toys rescue

llama toy miniature replica

Llama Toy Miniature Replica

Three years ago the Llama Toy Miniature was one of the most popular animal toy miniatures. Then inexplicably the Llama Toy Miniature was retired and pulled out of production by the company producing it. For 2011 Safari Animal Toys has come to the rescue and released their own new Llama Toy Miniature Replica. Featuring incredible detail, correct colors and made of safe durable bendable plastic. The new Llama Toy Miniature is the perfect for school farm animal projects, business client relationships, creative art displays and learning, creative, imaginative play fun. Llamas are as much a part of farm life as cow, pigs, chickens, goats and geese. Llamas are part of the camel family and have taken on their role as beast of burden with strength, stamina and conviction. Llamas also have a look of aristocracy and regal in the way they present themselves with their head held high. This aloof pose is captured in the Llama Toy Miniature Replica. This may also be the reason people looking to adopt farm animals as pets have often chosen llamas. Llamas are also cult popular because they are so unique in their look, their posture and their stubborn camel like attitude.  This is why the Llama toy miniature was so sorely missed when it was taken out of production 3 years ago and why the new Llama Toy Miniature Replica release is considered a rescue for llama lover and animal toy collectors. Llamas are an amazing animal of American history and the new Llama Toy Miniature Replica will bring attention back to all the public through hands on learning, education, creative and imaginative ideas. Animal Toy Miniatures like the llama are made with safe durable bendable plastic which allows intricate detail and applications unavailable with fragile stone figurines. Llama gifts store lovers will be especially happy to add the Llama toy miniature replica to their collection of llama plush stuffed animals,  earrings, puppet, figurine, porcelain jar and mug.

Animal Toy Miniatures new authentic realism

coyote toy miniature

blue crab toy miniature

Safari Animal Toy Miniatures featured by Animal World continue to be released and with each new toy a new dimension is realism is achieved. Two examples of these are the Coyote adult and coyote cub toy miniature. The coyotes show authentic physical attributes in body structure, coat coloring and action pose. Another amazing example of the realism  in animal toy miniatures is the incredible blue crab toy miniature. From it’s realistic coloring, to the unbelievable detail of the legs, the shell, the claws and the legs the Blue Crab Toy Miniature looks life life in ways no other stone animal figurine could ever achieve. Animal Toy miniatures have recently become so much more than just play toys. Students and teachers utilize them in school projects from dioramas to sophisticated wildlife displays. Businesses find creative ways to tie in the animal toy miniatures with their advertising and promotion message.  Conventions are always using animal themes to expand customers imaginations. The animal toy miniatures fit in seamlessly in school, business and promotional theme needs. With the authentic realism provided by Safari animal toys and featured by Animal World the animal toy miniatures are reaching new unexplored boundaries and unknown areas of possibility.

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