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Saint Bernard T Shirt is rescue dog lover fashion fun

Whenever you think of getting lost in a snowstorm someone says “You better call in the Saint Bernards”. This expression alludes to the history and origin of the Saint Bernard as a rescue dog for lost adventurers in mountain especially when winters snow threatens survival. To celebrate this special dog the Saint Bernard T Shirt is now available to dog lovers in sizes from the smallest child to largest adult. Printed in the USA by Animal World the Saint Bernard T Shirt is printed on natural color 100% comfortable cotton. The St Bernard T Shirt features a large Saint Bernard Print on the front with paw prints on one sleeve and a smaller Saint Bernard print on the opposite sleeve. Saint Bernards are one of the largest dog breeds weighing in at between 140 pounds to over 200 pounds. Part of the working dog class for competitions the Saint Bernard was used in history as a draft animal, for herding, as guard dogs and in search rescue. To educate the public the Saint Bernard T Shirt can be worn by any dog owner or dog lover that feels a special affinity with this lovable breed. With their trademark white coat highlighted with brown, black splotches the beauty of the Saint Bernard is captured in artwork on this dog t shirt. The Saint Bernard T Shirt not only shows off this magnificent breed it also brings together all members of the family in dog lover fashion fun. For Saint Bernard Gifts Store enthusiasts who already have collected Saint Bernard plush stuffed animals, figurines, blanket throw tapestries, dog cookie jar, crossing sign, pillow and keychain will be thrilled with the addition of the dog t shirt. St Bernard dog can now educate others with dog t shirt fashion that shows pride in breed and love for the family pet.

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