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Wildlife Animal Figurines for Valentines Day Gifts

john perry dolphin figurine statue
Dolphin Figurine Statue by John Perry

There really isn’t an official animal mascot for Valentines Day so whatever animal your Valentine adores can make a wonderful gift. An excellent source online for your wildlife animal figurines is animal figurine specialist Animal World. According to Nickie at Animal World “there is a wide range of wildlife animal figurines from which to choose from famous names like John Perry, Sandicast and Wildlife Kingdom.” If your Valentine loves the beach and ocean lover décor the white pellucida figurines on natural burled wood bases made famous by John Perry may be an exciting choice. The most popular animals by John Perry figurines include aquatic wildlife including dolphins, sharks, sting rays, sailfish, marlins, manatees, narwhal whale, orca whale, beluga whale, alligators and humpback whales. Recently John Perry Figurines has added some land animals to the collection including elephants , rhinos and giraffe. There is even a line of John Perry bird figurines which continue the ocean lover beach theme with seagulls, flamingos, pelicans, forest birds including owls Antarctic birds including penguins. Sandicast is most well known for it’s line of dog and cat figurines however the Sandicast Figurine Statues are also famous for their wolf, tiger, elephant, panda, rhino, gorilla and giraffe. Though not as well known as John Perry or Sandicast, Wildlife Kingdom also offers a wide range of wildlife animals in a similar 4’ cube size made famous by the now retired Stone Critters line.

Sandicast Wolf Figurine Statue
Wolf Figurine Statue Sandicast

Flowers are a wonderful choice for Valentines if it is for a lady or girl. In fact Valentines Flowers are excellent for initial presentation and impact however their presence is unfortunately temporary. To remedy this annual problem you can combine Valentines Flowers with a second gift of wildlife animal figurines. This will create a permanence not offered by flowers and also creates year round home décor enjoyment.

Valentines Day Animal Figurines Article by Steve ForrestWriter Video Photography

Dolphin Figurine Statue Picture by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Wolf Figurine Picture by Sandicast

Animal Figurine Statues make great Christmas Gifts

John Perry Elephant Figurine Statue
John Perry Elephant Figurine Statue
Sandicast Snow Wolf Figurine Statue
Sandicast Snow Wolf Figurine Statue

One of the longest lasting of Christmas Gift giving traditions involves selection of animal figurine statues for animal and pet lovers on one’s gift list. Today three of the most popular of animal figurine brands include Sandicast, John Perry and Conversation Concepts made available online from animal figurine statue specialist Animal World. The reason animal figurine statues have remained so popular involves everyone’s fascination with wild animals and the inherent desire to bring that feeling of the wild outdoors inside through interesting animal theme home decor. This need is in turn satisfied with talented artists who desire to create a realistic animal works of art out of clay, stone, glass, wood or custom man made materials like Pellucida. With each material used a different animal figurine statue effect or style is achieved. Combine this with each artist’s idea of how to capture a wild animal in art and the possibilities are literally endless. Some people like to collect a certain animal theme such as North American, Safari, Jungle, Ocean, Birds or Arctic. Others like to collect just a specific kind of animal. Examples of these specific collections may include wolf figurine statues, tiger figurine statues, dolphin figurine statues or bald eagle figurine statues. Others may have a collection of a famous animal from one artist they love like Sandra Brue Sandicast or John Perry Figurine Statues. Two famous animal figurine statue collections which were very popular, but are now unfortunately retired include The Herd Elephant figurine statue collection and the Charming Tails Mouse Figurine Statue Collection. Both the Herd and the Charming Tails figurine statues were made of cast stone and hand painted. The Sandicast figurine statues still produced are also made of a cast stone resin compound and are hand detail painted. It is always fascinating how we have always been interested in animal figurines. The reason people have a love affair with animal figurine statues most likely evolves with the obvious differences between mankind and animals. After all, animals unlike humans have adapted entirely to a life outdoors. Mankind on the other hand requires shelter and clothes to survive.

 Article and Elephant photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Snow Wolf Figurine Statue by Sandicast

Sandicast Animal Figurine Statue Product Line Streamlined

red miniature pinscher sandicast figurine statue
Red Miniature Pinscher Sandicast Figurine Statue

As the economy continues to wander many Animal Figurines companies continue to drop statues that are slow sellers. This allows animal, dog and cat figurines companies such as Sandicast the opportunity to concentrate on their best most profitable animal figurines. According to Mary at Animal World “We have also seen the Dog Sandicast Figurine Statues adapting to the ever changing retail environment with the packaging which protects and displays the smaller animal figurines in an more merchantable situation.” This is in contrast to the traditional way of displaying Sandicast statue figurines retailers utilized in the past, displaying them raw so to speak directly on an appropriate eye level shelf. Currently the Sandicast Figurine Statue Product Line continues to streamline it’s product offering with profitable more contemporary packaged animal figurines statues being the selected presentation method for future retail trends. As with all business the ultimate test is to survive and Sandicast continues to survive. With the demise of popular animal figurine companies like Stone Critters, The Herd, Charming Tails and Livingstone, Sandicast remains as the only survivor from the most popular animal figurine statue brand names of the 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s. For collector this streamlining of product line is an excellent opportunity to collect limited editions for future value. A perfect example of this would be the Red Miniature Pinscher Sandicast Figurine Statue shown above.

Copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Photo by Sandicast Figurine Statues

Sandicast Rhino Figurine Faces of Nature Limited Edition

Sandicast Rhino Figurine Faces NaturePeople searching for figurines for future value need to look no further than the Sandicast Rhino Figurine Faces of Nature. With the original sculpted by the world renowned artist Sandra Brue the Sandicast Rhino Figurine Faces of Nature is no longer in production and is only available in limited stock. Steve Forrest at Animal World remarks “when we sell the last Rhino Figurine Sandicast Faces of Nature we have in stock we will be totally out of stock without the opportunity to ever have it in stock again. For animal figurine collectors this is a rare opportunity to get an irreplaceable piece of great potential future value.” Original Sandicast figurines as marketed under the original Sandicast company run by Sandra Brue are virtually impossible to find in retail outlets. The incredible detail and warmth exuded by the original Sandicast line of figurines is still never been duplicated or replicated by competitors. This is easily seen in the Sandicast Rhino Figurine Faces of Nature pictured. The Rhinos face looks so realistic and even though the eyes are small they are filled with warmth and expression. The Sandicast Rhino Figurine Faces of Nature almost appears ready to breath and is certainly ready to fill any room, curio cabinet or shelf with animal lover home decor.

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