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Sandicast Australian Cattle Dog Figurine is dog breed lover home decor

Sandicast Australian Cattle Dog FigurineAustralian Cattle Dogs are part of the working dog group and are famous for their incredible ability to handle the almost 24 hour a day job of herding animals. To commemorate this amazing dog breed Sandra Brue created the Sandicast Australian Cattle Dog Figurine. Made of cast stone with fine detailed hand painting the Australian Cattle Dog figurine is perfect for display on shelves, coffee tables, fireplace mantles or curio cabinets. The Australian Cattle Dog featured is a blue Merle with it’s trademark grayish blue, tan and black markings. Australian Cattle Dogs with this coloring are also called Blue Heelers or with the Red coloring instead of blue are know as Red Heelers. In addition to it’s historical duties herding livestock the Australian Cattle Dog has also become a popular family dog. This is probably the best reason people have made the Sandicast Australian Cattle Dog figurine a popular gift item. For Australian Cattle Dog gifts store collectors the Sandicast Australian Cattle Dog figurine is a wonderful addition to the pillow, t shirt, sweatshirt, plush stuffed animals, cookie jar, crossing sign, porcelain jar, keychain, and shot glasses already available. Whether for birthday’s, Christmas holidays, office gifts and especially for dog breed lovers the Australian Cattle Dog figurine is a wonderful idea.

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