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Sandicast Boxer dog figurine uncropped and cropped statues

uncropped boxer dog figurine Sandicast statueFor years Boxers ears were cropped. This unnecessary tradition of cropping young boxer puppy dog ears became so normal that unsuspecting observers came to believe this was the Boxer dogs natural feature. This tradition of docking Boxers ears is now a ritual of the past as most Boxer dog lovers prefer the natural relaxed look of the Boxers traditional lay flat soft ears. Reflecting this new welcome trend is the Sandicast Uncropped Ear Boxer dog figurine statue available at Animal World. Steve Forrest at Animal comments, “Dogs bring so much unconditional love into the lives of all they touch, capturing that wonderful memory in dog figurines immortalizes this unforgettable relationship. We are proud that a company like Sandicast was sensitive to the new trend in natural ear boxer dogs and reflected this change in the new Uncropped Ear Boxer Figurine Statues. We feel honored to offer the Uncropped Ears Sandicast Boxer Dog Figurine Statues to dog lover enthusiasts.” While constantly reacting to this new trend in natural ears, traditionalists with cropped ear Boxers are likewise not forgotten. Sandicast Boxer Dog Figurine original Cropped Ear Sandicast Boxer dog figurine statues are also available in the historical cropped ear version as shown in the second picture. Sandicasat animal, dog, cat and horse figurines were originally made in San Diego USA under the direction of founder and sculptor Sandra Brue. Made of a delicate cast stone with hand detailed painting the original Sandicast dog figurines made in the USA are now a rarity and could easily become collectors items of great value. Today all Sandicast Figurines are made in China of a more durable cast stone resin compound which holds paint better and is much less susceptible to scratch, bumps and most imp0rtant breakage but that delicate feature of the original Sandicast line made in the USA may actually add to their rarity and potential for future value. Boxer Dog gift store dog lovers are always searching for collectibles that embody their love for the Boxer dog breed. The Sandicast Boxer Dog Figurines greatly enhance this endeavor by providing dog figurine home decor on shelves, desks, curio cabinets and anywhere a dog’s special relationship with a dog lover needs remembrance.

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