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Sandicast Dog Figurine Statues Popularity Continues at Anwo Animal World

Sandicast Dog Figurine Statue
Bichon Frise Sandicast Dog Figurine Statue

Dogs claim such important places in our lives and the best way to commemorate their love is with Sandicast Dog Figurine Statues. Featured online on their Sandicast Dog Figurine Statue page dogs featured include most familiar breeds from Australian Shepherd to Yorkshire Terrier. More specifically Sandicast Dog Figurines Statues are available in Basset Hound, Beagle, Boston Terrier, Bichon
Frise, Border Collie, Boxer, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel,
Cotonde Tulear, Dachshund, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, German
Shorthaired Pointer, Golden Retriever, Jack Russell Terrier, Labrador
Retriever, Miniature Pinscher, Pomeranian, Poodle, Pug, Rottweiler,
Schnauzer, Shetland Sheepdog, Shih Tzu, Welsh Corgi, West Highland White
Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier.

Sandicast Dog Figurine Statue article and photography by Steve Forrest

Specific Dog Breed Figurine Statues for Mother’s Day Mother Day Gift Ideas

Golden Retriever Figurine Statue Sandicast Mid Size
Golden Retriever Figurine Statue Sandicast

With the upcoming Mother’s Day fast approaching it is certainly not too early to make plans for your Mother’s Day gift. If the family also has a pet dog a possible gift for Mother’s Day might be specific dog breed figurine statue. After all Mom is Mom to more than just the boys and girls. When the children are off at school, Mom’s best friend is often the pet dog. The pet dog helps Mom with the chores around the house and keeps her company until the children come home. Since dog figurine statues are now available in most popular breeds as well as many one might not have heard of chances are good one is available in your specific dog breed. According to Nickie at Animal World they offer online a wide variety of just such dog figurine statues including Beagle thru Yorkshire Terrier. Priced from the low teens to under $75.00 most dog figurine statues are well within most peoples budgets for Mothers Day. Made by Sandicast, Stone Critters and Conversation Concepts the dog figurine statues are made of cast stone with hand detailed painting. The most famous dog figurine statue company Sandicast was founded by Sandra Brue in 1984. Sandra Brue personally made each piece originally of clay and afterwards a mold was made allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy the same piece as the original except out of cast stone. One of the most popular Sandicast dog figurines available in Beagle, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Cairn Terrier, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Jack Russell Terrier, Black Lab, Chocolate Lab, Yellow Lab, Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Miniature Pinscher, Pomeranian, White Poodle, Pug, Rottweiler, Schnauzer, Shih Tzu, Siberian Husky, Welsh Corgi, Yorkshire Terrier.

Golden Retriever Figurine Statue Sandicast Mid Size shown above.

Mothers Day Dog Figurine Statues article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography Website Consultant

How to Clone your Dog the Old Fashioned Way

Most everyone who has ever owned a dog knows how special they become by becoming almost a fixture by sharing almost every moment of our daily lives at home. For some the thought of losing their dog or cat is an unbearable situation. For these people cloning their pet dog has actually now becomes a viable option. Through modern science, it is now possible to actually clone your pet dog, however it is totally cost prohibitive except for the extremely wealthy. Orders for dog cloning have been quoted at $100,000 for one try, results not guaranteed. For people who can afford it, having their pet dog cloned is the only solution to control their grief and thus they are moving forward in that endeavor. For the rest of us dog cloning is not an option for financial as well as ethical reasons. For most cloning a pet dog is not even an option to be considered. There are alternatives to cloning your dog. It is important to know a few of these simple affordable alternatives to dog cloning which are available to all dog and pet lovers. One solution has been around for years and many of us unknowingly have already enjoyed capturing the presence and wonderful memories of their pet dog with successful results. This simple solution to cloning our pets is simply obtaining one of the beautiful and realistic looking large lifesize dog figurine statues available from one of the many animal figurine statues stores or online from dog figurine statue specialists like Animal World. With the dog figurine in your possession the dog is forever immortalized and the memory of that pet is easily remembered forever. For the maximum heartfelt feelings of having your pet with you at home there are realistic looking large lifesize dog figurines by companies like Sandicast. With placement of a large lifesize dog figurine on a bed possibly by the fireplace or another one of the pet’s favorite locations it brings back to life similar feelings and in a sense clones the presence of the dog. Therein lays one of the main reason dog lovers are looking to cloning their pet dog. They want to bring back the friendship and companionship that the pet dog brought while it was alive. For people who argue dog figurine statues are not the same as dog cloning they are correct, but as a solution to handle some of the grief followed by loss of the pet dog the results are often very good. Best of all with dog figurines statues the dog owner knows exactly what they are getting, beautiful dog lover home décor is guaranteed.

Copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Photo by Sandicast dog figurines

Mastiff Figurine Sandicast Original Trancends Dog Figurines Life

Whenever I look at the Mastiff Sandicast Figurine Original I feel as if Sandra Brue’s own dog Brutus a Mastiff  was the model. The detail of this piece is absolutely astounding. The wrinkles, the folds, the muscle tone, all pointing toward the masterpiece of any Sandicast dog figurine the expression together with those warm inquisitive eyes. Almost forgotten when analyzing this superb Mastiff dog figurine is the coloring. Likewise, just before final coloring Sandra Brue painstakingly put on individual dog hairs layering them back to front just like a real dog. Combining airbrushing along with actual brush strokes along with incredible shading the look of realism almost becomes a forgotten conclusion. This Mastiff Sandicast Figurine Original actually transcends it’s existence as a dog figurine and enters a new world of actual existence as a living breathing animal. People have been known to stop in their tracks to wait for the dog figurine to actually move or breathe. Made originally out of clay by Sandra Brue the Mastiff dog figurine is made of cast stone. Prior to work Sandra Brue would study Mastiff dogs to determine tendencies, personality and poses. The Sandicast dog figurines originals like this Mastiff is the most popular size ever created by Sandra Brue. Perfect for eye level display, maximum impact is achieved not only for the artist but especially for the admirer. Finding Sandicast dog figuines at Mastiff Gifts Stores or local gift stores used to be an easy task, today that search is much more difficult. Sandicast Dog Figurines Originals like the Mastiff are available online from animal pet gift specialists like Animal World. 

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography 

Celebrate National Dog Day August 26 with a Sandicast Dog Figurine

chocolate lab sandicast dog figurineAugust is a special month for dog owners since August 26 is National Dog Day. To celebrate this special relationship between man and his best friend a Sandicast Dog Figurine is a wonderful way to immortalize this bond. Sandicast Dog Figurines are available in most popular dog breeds like Basset Hound, Beagle, Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Dachshund, Dalmatian, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Black Lab, Chocolate Lab, Yellow Lab Labrador Retriever, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Poodle, Pug, Rottweiler, Schnauzer, Sheltie Shetland Sheepdog, Siberian Husky, Westie West Highland White Terrier and Yorkie Yorkshire Terrier. Dog Figurines by Sandicast are also available in hard to find dog breeds like Bearded Collie, Bichon Frise, Border Collie, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Chinese Crested, Contonde Tulear, German Shorthair Pointer, Jack Russell Terrier, Maltese, Miniature Pinscher, Papillon, Shar Pei, Shih Tzu, English Springer Spaniel, Weimaraner and Welsh Corgi. The special feature of the Sandicast dog figurines is the special way Sandra Brue the creator was able to put feeling and love into a simple statue made of cast stone. One of the special features of the Sandicast dog figurines is the use of glass eyes. Another unique quality is the muscle tone, position and overall feeling of realism which makes it appear as if the dog ready to step out of it’s cast stone bonds to freedom as a real dog. Attention to detail is another special attribute of all Sandicast dog figurines. As in a real dog each hair is delicately placed on the figurine with use of a pin, with each hair laid upon the one prior, starting at the rear of the dog and moving toward the front. This special care along with detail to the dogs bone and muscle structure provides the most realistic looking dog figurine of past and current history. With National Dog Day soon approaching on Thursday August 26 be sure to take your dog for a walk, feed him or her a special dinner and show you care with a Sandicast dog figurine statue which shows forever how special they are in your life.

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