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Sandicast Figurines are today’s Michelangelo’s

Sandicast Figurines are still the nicest figurines to use for home decor, for remembering lost pets or to just admire and collect. Sandicast started back in the early 80’s by a wonderful woman named Sandra Brue. We had a chance to meet her during the late 90’s when she was making some of her last appearances as an artist signing the pieces her company designed and produced after the original was made in clay by the artist herself Sandra Brue. The characteristic that no other artist can duplicate is Sandra Brue’s ability to put heart, soul, and love into her pieces that projected out to anyone looking at them. The first key is look one of her pieces eye to eye, it seems to be alive and looking at you like a real animal or pet would, with love, warmth and compassion. After the face take time to admire the detail, the hair how it is layered one hair upon the other just like a real animal, the folds, the creases, the muscle tone, the bone structure of each piece. The detail of each piece is absolutely incredible. Sandra Brue is an sculpture artist without peer for the late 20th century and early 21st century. Time will honor her as one of the greatest artists of all time. I wish people today realized the significance of being able to be part of this time. If you were around when Michelangelo or another artist was walking this earth would you have passed by without noticing or would you realize the significance of being around at the same time. Sandra Brue has recently sold her company to Jillson Roberts who carries on her fine tradition. Jillson Roberts/Sandicast continues to release new original designs as Sandra Brue can now devote all energies to sculpting more incredible animal designs for all to admire. I have been selling her product for almost 20 years now and I continue to be impressed by the fact that Sandra Brue’s work continues to get better, more detailed, more intricate with each new sculpture.
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